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1 Million Subscribers - Thank you all! And a giveaway!

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Hey Linus, Congrats on the 1 Million subs!

I found out about your channels around June of 2013. Around that time my laptop I was gifted for graduating high school was crapping out and all the hype for "OMG SUPER NEXT GEN CONSOLES," was starting to surface. And at that time I found myself in quite a financial pickle. I needed a new PC, but I also wanted to continue gaming. And so, the idea popped in my head. "What about a gaming PC?" Along with this idea was "FUCK! Gaming PCs cost $5,000, this idea sucks!" So I did some reached and stumbled upon your videos about building computers within a certain price range. And from there lead to watching endless videos on how to build PCs and all their different components. And so my journey began when I casually mentioned the idea to my father who works for Intel. For my 21st birthday he sent me the gift of a bundled deal he was able to get from work which contained an Intel Core i5-4670K and an 224GB Intel brand SSD. And from there I dove in head first with pcpartpicker and Linus tech tips at my side.

And looking forward to today, I can honestly say I am truly proud of what I was able to do compared to what I was going to do. Which was buy a laptop and buy a PS4. Your videos helped me realize my gaming rig as it is today. I can feel proud knowing I built it and I can upgrade it slowly as some parts start to struggle instead of having to buy a whole new PC. Hell, I throw new part in the my rig even if the old ones will suffice, merely because that shit is cool and it make me feel good. This whole experience has sparked an amazing hobby of mine and I am very grateful for all the work you and your team have done to help me get to where I am today. 

On a side note. MRW, After switching from Intel integrated graphics to a 
full-fledged graphics card: http://gfycat.com/EquatorialLazyKudu

Thanks again Linus and team. 

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Congrats Linus on the 1 million mark, I hope you and your team are pretty are basking in the glory. As for how I got to into linus universe I was doing research for my first pc build and lo and behold you came out. 

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I just started my passion for computers this year and i have watched you, Austin Evans, and more. you guys helped me build my first Pc, Thanks and Congrants on 1 mill. Sorry for the weird text above or below I'm using my mac and its acting weird.




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Nice on getting 1 Million subs. Hope you get up to 2 Million that will be a bigger achievement. :ph34r:  Found your videos when looking how to build pc's that are powerful which you pop up. Your videos help me out by alot. Keep up doing the good work Linus and the group  

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Thank you for everything you have been with me in my search for the ultimate gamiing PC and helped me so much over the years. I have been with you since you NCIX days and I just hope that one day I am able to give back to you as you having given to me my dream of Streaming.


Thank you again from 



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I watch a great deal of “how to” videos on YouTube and I can say, without a doubt, that the video and content quality is fantastic. I am new to the Linus Tech Tips site but already I can tell that the contributing members of this site do a great job filling in the very small gaps of info left by your videos. Let’s face it, if you covered every little thing about everything PC then your videos would last hours. Thank you for doing what you do and keep it up.

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Congratulations on the 1 million subscribers, now lets get the sub hype train going to 2 million subs.  

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So I was a young boy and curious as to what is inside of a computer.So I did a few hours of research. And then after a month I stumbled across a youtube channel by Austin Evans. I decided that he was cool and I wanted to find more youtube channels like his. Then I found JayzTwoCents. And the. I went to youtube and I had found a youtube channel that has taught me all I know today about pc's. And that Channel Is LinusTechTips. I am only 12 but because of this channel I can build a pc in under 30 minutes and know all the cool little details about computers. I wanted to let you know Linus that you have pulled me out of deep depressions. I have gone through really rough things such as my mom being diagnosed with cancer and my parents will say how terrible I am and they say I wish I was never born. My dad would also beat me. So I would sit in my room for hours at a time balling my eyes out. And then I watched your videos and learned on thing at a time and you helped me realise that I can still put things back to the way they should be. And now that is what I have done. In one month I was planning on building a budget $600 pc with my dad. And another thing is that all of the kids at school have I phones and Ipads yet we can't even afford a phone for me. And we spend more money than we make right now. I also get made fun of by all the kids at school for not being filthy rich and also for being short but you made me realise none of that matters. Thank you Linus. :) your a big inspiration for me and I want to be just like you. I also would like to get that nice pc build with our guy's signatures. Thank you Linus for everything you have done and I hope you will continue to make videos as long as you plan to. Once again. Thank you Linus. :)

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Yo, I found you by watching this youtuber and he had your channel as a featured channel, his channel name is SimonHds90. I would want to see, you compare computer buildings with laptop parts to see how a laptop would be up against a Desktop PC

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Congratulations Linus, you did great with your channel and you are my #1 source of tech stuff (and believe me, I'm watching a lot of Tech Channels (german' and English ones)).

I wish you will review the Audiotechnica Ath M50x soon.

And last thing to say is just thank you linus for all these great videos, please continue your work!

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Congratulations on 1300 collective years of viewing! 1,000,000 subscribvers is a HUGE milestone, but soon, I feel as if you are going to laugh at the fact that, "Wow, we celebrated 1,000,000 views, that's nothing." as you begin receiving 100,000 new subscribers fortnightly. This is an awesome day, and I'm so happy that we as a community, have been helping you help us enjoy ourselves.


Congratulations Linus, and the entire LinusMediaGroup, and goodluck to everyone in this thread for the giveaway.

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I discovered your channel because i was in need of a new pc and i wanted to build my own and so i went on youtube and looked up " how to build a gaming pc " and your video

" ULTIMATE Build a Better $1500 Gaming PC Computer How To Guide " was the first one that showed up and so i watched it and basically your channel was what got me into the tech world and without your channel i probably would not be the same person that i am today, i probably would not know half of the stuff i know about tech nowadays and for that i am forever gratefull ! keep doing what your doing cause its awesome! your my favourite tech related channel and since that is what i love the most your also one of my favourite channels!!!!!! right now i am looking for a new gaming pc and it would be the most awesome thing in the world if i could win this giveaway cause i have always wanted to have a good/great gaming pc but i have never been able to raise that much money and to get a custom pc made and customized by the linus tech team would be eve more awesome!!!! love your YT channel and bye ...  
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Thanks a lot for the giveaway!


I found you through this very thread and it seems like I just might stay here for longer :)


***goes to mobile devices section with intention of NOT starting/joining flame war on this site***

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I first cottoned on to you when you were merely a beach blonde raving about linex in the early days, i also recall how fetching your dangly earrings are. I was hooked. You do create fantastic content and its alway a pleasure to see your videos in my subscription feed. Luke, who I originally thought was a rugby player, is pretty awesome too


Big thanky for being generous, forward thinking, helpful and entertaining  :D


P.S Apologies for my late membership, now ive got around to it im excited to sift though the feeds and learn some cool tings

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Carnt even remember the first video I watched but I have watch your videos for i long time and i always enjoy your videos and i love your unboxing videos there best or your custom build and you should do more custom builds there amazing

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All those years back when I subbed, I knew I made the right choice. I enjoy the Linustechtips videos so much, and for you to hit 1m subs is awesome!

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I remember watching when LTT was filmed at ncix and now, some years later seeing a real, professional company built around that that is standing on it's own feet is astonishing. I can't wait to see what's next and hope LTT lasts for many more years to come!

proud owner of alienware 13 with graphic amplifier and also a alienware X51 gaming PC!!! really powerfulL!!

xoxo samantha <3

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