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1 Million Subscribers - Thank you all! And a giveaway!

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I'm glad this channel made it this far. 1,000,000 subscribers is a big milestone. It was a blast and I'm glad to be part of it. 


|PSU Tier List /80 Plus Efficiency| PSU stuff if you need it. 

My system: PCPartPicker || For Corsair support tag @Corsair Josephor @Corsair Nick || My 5MT Legacy GT Wagon ||

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Yay! A giveaway! I found the Linus Tech Tips channel from my friend, who, strangely enough, Linus just happens to be following on Google+ (what are the odds of that?!) I have to say that the periferals are one of my favorite series on the channel. I know that I was a later subscriber, but i was before 1 million though. I could really benefit from any of these prizes, having not really a computer to use and being stuck with having to root my Barnes & Noble Nooks (I've rooted the encore, acclaim, and hummingbird and installed Cyanogenmod onto each) to be able to get anything successful done online. I'm not going to be able to win with a million to one chance. If I somehow beat the odds and actually won one of these (I kinda don't want the surface 3 pro, but if it is what I get, then it's what I get, and Linus's purple keyboard is awesome!) I have recently moved away from my friend, who, happened to be the one person who had a good PC that I could get on to experience PC gaming once in a while. I no longer have that access anymore and can't experience how gaming was meant to be. I wish everyone luck and hope that I could win, but everyone else wants these too, so if I don't win, I'll be fine. Thanks Linus Media Group for hosting this giveaway and congrats on a million subs.

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hey guys i've been watching your videos for a year or so built my own system, i really like your reviews and the detail to cable managment, your benchmarks are chill, i really like what tec quicky is doing, and its great you own your own buiness, and i like your sponnors , luke does a great job with the review, i also enjoy seeing your family in the videos.


my specs are

amd 8320, 3.5 ghtzs, 4 turbo

asus crosshair v formula z

8gbts dual kingstone 1333 mhtzs RAM

crossfire gpus,

powercolor hd 7870 1.1gtzs core clock, and 5ghtzs ram 2gtbs 256bit gddr5

sapphire hd 7870 1.05 gtzs core clock and 4.8 ghtzs ram 256bit, gddr5

case, azza genesis 9000 full tower

psu, evga supernova bronze 750watt

cpu cooler, coolermaster v8 gts,


windows and bf4, adata 128ssd

vmware linux mint pny 120ssd

programs and files segate hhd 1tb

extra two seagate 250,

monitors eyefinity three 23inch acer 1920by 1080 5milsecond,

and fourth 21,5 inch viewsonic 1080 2milsecond

extra fans, 1 230mm falcon,

and two 120 random brand,

also daul 12inch red light bars and a red light wire throughout case,

"If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live."   -Martin Luther King, Jr

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I started watching linustechtips about 3 years ago when I wanted to build my first my first rig. 3 years and a kick ass PC later I'm still watching your videos. I just want to say thank you for making the awesome content and here's to a few more million. :)

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I found your videos years ago when I was learning about watercooling.  By the way, more watercooling prease and thank you :)

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I was first linked to one of your videos through the PC Master Race subreddit. My favorite food is nachos. Good luck to everyone who enters!

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Discovered linus when I was first planning to build a pc 2 years ago and i had no idea how to do it. it worked pretty well nothing blew up

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Linus, I have been subscribed for a short time compared to your other fans, but I want to tell you how much I appreciate your channel, and all of your hard work. In 2010, I became interested in tech, more specifically, PC tech. I searched for a reputable source on "real" tech that wasn't biased or just plain wrong, and I stumbled onto NCIX Tech Tips. After a review of some motherboard at the time they linked to Linus Tech Tips, and when I discovered your channel I was hooked. From as-fast-as-possible to buyer's guides, I went from nothing to everything extremely quickly. Times have been tight, but I have saved up for years on a "real" gaming rig that I plan to purchase (and build) in October. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything you've done, and everything you will do for your fans. 


  • I'd also assume you'd like Sushi, I remember you were talking about how it's a hard find in Canada in one of your netlinked daily videos.  :D
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