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[book] CLRS vs Sedgewick

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The Analysis and Synthesis of Algorithms classes in (at least) the two best Information Systems and Computer Engineering degrees taught in Portugal use the book by CLRS. 

Which obviously means I only read like a few pages of it and the rest was taught in class!


I haven't seen the other one so I can't compare. What I can say is that the CLRS one helped me for the exams in the parts that I had most difficulty with (theory wise; I can't comment on the exercises because I used the ones we solved in problems classes but I think most of them were the same).

I might actually have to read it again 'cause that stuff was kinda boring at the time I was taking the class so most of it is gone!

Actually, most of the problems posted in the Problem Solving series in this board can be solved using techniques found in that book. One that I had completely forgotten about was the Disjoint Sets data structure. I had a flashback of those classes when someone mentioned it (it has been almost 3 years already)!


So... yeah! Useful stuff and problems...! (Sorry I can't be of greater assistance talking about that book!)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My professor in the algorithms and data structures class used mainly material from Sedgewick. Both books get great reviews and both books cover a lot of the same topics.

CLRS seems to be the standard literature for many CS classes around the world and therefore also gets a lot of reviews. From what I have read so far, and from what I know from my classes, I still slightly tend to Sedgewick.


I just don't want to spend two times €60-70 on books that largely cover the same topics.

I'd rather spend that money on some machine learning books. That is why I looked for some input from people who know both.

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