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Great Medium Post on ƛ Calculus and Y Combinators

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Would you believe that I learned the basics about lambda calculus in a Natural Language class (Comp. Sci. master's degree)?!

It is used to calculate the semantic of a sentence by attaching semantic rules to a context-free grammar.


I wouldn't recommend starting with that article, though. There are a lot of concepts missing and the rules are not explicitly defined on how to perform beta-reduction or substitution.

I did learn what a Y Combinator is and how recursion is formally represented (plus the if-else structures after some research on Wikipedia!).

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Brilliant for the FP geeks out there, (guilty.) I now understand lambda calculus!

Now that is a rather nice post I must say, very well suited

for a newbie to the subject such as myself. Will keep this in

my link collection, thanks! :)

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