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Using a wireless router behind a Uverse Gateway

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Posted · Original PosterOP

In my apartment I have a wireless modem provided by Uverse and connected to it is the "cable" wireless access point to allow for a wireless TV receiver (not a concern just fyi).  I have since moved the wirelss modem to the closet where the "break out" box is and have wired from the ethernet ports on the "wirelss modem" straight to the other bedrooms and living room where I have computers to be connected to it via LAN.  The living room is to be utilizing a wireless router that will be connected "behind" the wireless modem to provide additional coverage and connection as a kind of access point.


Anyone on here have experience with the Uverse gateways and creating access points (not a range extender) behind these AT&T "gateways"?


I have attempted to follow a lot of the steps in different forums and postings that aid in utilizing the Linksys router I have (WRT160n-V3) but to no avail it still isn't working properly.


If it turns out that a new router is probably the best solution what recommendations would you guys have?  Again I'm not looking to create a range extender, I want it to be an actual access point in my living room.

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Yes, I have U-verse and the Motorola NVG510. I believe what you are looking for is called bridge mode, where your router is connected "behind" the U-verse modem and essentially does all the heavy lifting. I followed this guide: (http://www.ron-berman.com/2011/11/24/motorola-nvg510-help-page-for-att-u-verse-users/) Scroll down to question 6 for the bridging guide. And finally, if you need help, let me know as I am currently running a Linksys E3000 behind my U-verse modem.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks for the link and advice, since at&t decides to be different in their configurations all the other stuf I tried wouldn't take. After trying this I originally had the main dvr box ported through the linksys router and it seems once so many devices connect to it, it drops offline. Would you consider this a bandwidth issue with the cable being routed through it also? I have since moved this and now it seems to be working wonderfully, which is why I pose that as a possibility. Hope all that makes sense, typing through my phone works against me sometimes.

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