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Audio Home Receiver Advice

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Currently I am running a pair of Yamaha NS-6490 ( 2 Sony speakers off of a Sony STRDH540 (http://goo.gl/u6fgBg). While it has been good to me, it has started to die on me. It is now constantly dropping the video feed and only playing audio. Sometimes it even rapidly turns on and off about 5 or 6 times without stopping, however I think I fixed that. I know for sure that the hdmi connections are dying because I have tried all of them and gotten the same result. So now this is where I need help, I have no clue as to what receiver to get now. The only reason I have the current one is because I got it for 90$ a while back and it has served its job. I need help with finding a reciever that is just as good as the one I have if not better, but the price needs to be under 400$, preferably closer to 300$ if possible. I would appreciate any help that I could get!

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For that kind of price I would look at some of the Denon offerings. The AVR-X500 is somewhat in your price range. However, you might be able to snatch one of the older models for cheap, especially if you don't need HDMI 1.4a etc. I've had a couple of Denon receivers and a friend has had them. They work really well.


Onkyo also makes some nice receivers, but haven't personally owned any. I have audited some in some hifi stores, considered I didn't try it at home in my usual environment and my own speakers, I think they sounded pretty well. Can't remember which exact model I tried though.

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