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Why is Norton Bad?

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It's the worst AV for the money. Avast is a whole lot better IMO.

Mate, your forgetting something here.


Mcafee.  Its bloody terrible.

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It's great for people on tech support call centers though, we used to get calls we'd call a "Norton full system scan break" where you would tell a customer to just run a full system scan and you'd stay on the line and sit on your ass doing nothing for like 2 or 3 hours, good times :D

Yeah, I bet a bunch of IT guys love norton since it brings in the cash for minimal effort (as you have just said)

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I wouldn't know what to exactly do considering I'm not a programmer, I just disliked my experience using AVG as it bogged down my system (may have been fixed/gotten better for my case since I last used it, I have no clue).

Yeah, they are definitely improving compatibility and polish in the 2015 version.  Try it once it comes out, it should be good.   The interface has even changed and everything.  

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Some people think it's antivirus that has evolved into fucking crapware.

Kinda has.  Norton is kinda like a beacon for crapware, 


"Crapware, its me again, I won't stop you }:D"

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I used norton once and that was for about 30 seconds when my CPU was at 30% being used, then deleted it, stayed at 4%. so it just uses way too much resources and my mom had it on her laptop and it missed a few viruses and gave faulty positives like steam.


Been using Avast for 3 years now and never had one problem besides the stupid "Welcome to Avast" when a PC just booted up (turned on the silent/gaming mode and it never talked to me again)

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As long as I've had Trend Micro on my devices (2 phones, tablet, and my laptop) I've never had a virus nor has it missed anything. In fact it always found stuff other AV programs couldn't. I happily pay the 50 dollars per year for it. My secondary choice would be Avast.

If you've previously won the build off please pm me so we can get something worked out.

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It's a resource hog and has a lot of false positives. Not to mention it begs you to not uninstall it when you attempt to uninstall it, which is annoying. It's like trying to break up with an overly attached girlfriend and she's completely in denial that's she's batshit crazy.


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it misses A LOT of stuff


its resources hungry too,



It used to be extremely resource hungry, but I thought they fixed that in later editions

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I've encountered a botched installation of Norton before... Disabled the PC's networking capability entirely...


Avast free is turning into nagware, and AVG was unable to stop the vbs script outbreak (not sure which but it spreads via removable drives, and hides your files) that we have to deal with...


Haven't tried Malware Bytes (is this free?) and only used McAfee Stinger for post-infection (I put it on a physically write-protected USB drive)...


I forgot that other popular tool for malware removal...

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It's been stated multiple times already, it's a giant resource hog and there's far too many false positives.

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I have a laptop from 2002 that is still running perfectly fine, but it was a slow, crashy machine until I took Norton off. Norton Antivirus damn near killed that computer. it screwed with literally every single thing that it needed to run properly. it would nag me literally every ten minutes whether I wanted to run a test and it wouldn't let me turn it off. I had to figuratively gouge Norton out of the hard disk with a trowel. Once I managed that, the laptop was completely usable, even by today's standards.

So the reason people despise Norton so much is that it has become the thing it was initially very good at destroying. Viruses. It's just not worth the hassle to install bloatware on your machine. Get a proper antivirus.

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I used to use Norton Internet Security (NIS), was great. I could tweak it, it didnt slow my system down and it had an great interface. BUT I have had to rebuild my computer a few times due to updates from NIS. YES REBUILD. Their one update killed my system, everytime. So I moved to BIS (Bitdefender Internet Security) I can tweak this and it even has its own linux based repair boot up image. Lot of money for this software but it is actually worth it.

AVG, ESET, Kaspersky, AVAST, Mcafee, Trend Micro, F-Secure and Norton I have tried and never liked them. None can do what I want from network security like Bitdefender does (Also no start up lag)

I also used to use Comodo Free Firewall, till the interface changed !!. Has to be simple and pretty too be in my books :-p

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Having used a wide variety of anti-virus, -malware, etc. on customer PCs, Norton is usually the one that is the most intrusive, least effective and hardest to deal with. AVG on a close second when it comes to being intrusive. At least AVG does detects most of what Norton doesn't. 


Also, to all of you anti-virus software makers out there, stop making your software an "all-in-one" with "PC optimiser" and "full PC backup" shit. That shit barely works, even at all.


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