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** CLOSED ** HTC Forum Giveaway - A Chance to Win 1 of 4 HTC Phones!

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Well... it's alway worth a try :D


Am I bad person if 2 of my 3 posts here are giveaway entries? :mellow:

I actually read many topics on this forum but I just don't really feel like responding.



btw. Really? Another giveaway? You must love this community, Mr. Linus  ;)

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Hey Linus! Love the forums!


I could really use a new HTC 8X to replace my HTC HD7! Wooo!


Twitter (@dalekphalm):


For Sale - iPhone SE 32GB - Unlocked - Rose GoldSold




* Intel i7-4770K * ASRock Z97 Anniversary * 16GB RAM * 750w Seasonic Modular PSU *

* Crucial M4 128GB SSD (Primary) * Hitachi 500GB HDD (Secondary) *

* Gigabyte HD 7950 WF3 * SATA Blu-Ray Writer * Logitech g710+ * Windows 10 Pro x64 *


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I would love to win! USA contestant here :D

Case: CM HAF Stacker 935 - CPU: Intel i5 4670k - GPU: Two EVGA 780 3GB Classified in SLI - Mobo: Asus z97-WS - Ram: Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866mhz (2x4gb) - HDD: WD 1TB - SSD -Kingston 120gb - All Water Cooled with a custom loop.

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Awesome giveaway! Thanks Linus and HTC! My first smartphone was an HTC EVO and I'm a big fan of their products!

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