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Best Free Word Processor?

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LibreOffice>Calligra Office>OpenOffice.

I cannot be held responsible for any bad advice given.

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libre office for local works but i prefer office online, because it has most of the important feature of the full office package and is always compatible with normal docx files even if it has something that you can't use like wordart as an example, g docs is nice but the vanilla version is lackluster expect for the multiple users function and its a bit faster, but imo office online is better

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i use to have the second best link in the world here, but it died ;_; its a 404 now but it will always be here


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google docs better than the paid ms office

How is it better?

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How is it better?

automatic saving to cloud, can download as basically any format word, pdf, html. you can share the link and have many people working on a document at the same time. there are open source addons available 

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You can try Microsoft's free alternative to Google Docs. All you need to do is create a Microsoft account, and you should immediately have access to it. 

It includes the functions most people need, but honestly, I haven't really missed anything while I was using it. 


Hope this helps  :)

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In my experience, all free programs leave sooo much to be desired. Avoid them all, at all cost. They either lack functionality or screw with layout of documents. 



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Libreoffice is the best. It's Word but free.



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Open Office is good, like Microsoft Office but free

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