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Why does Thermaltake get such little love?

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They have appalling design. Give me simple, sleek and elegant then come back to me, Thermaltake. 

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Their PSU get bad press by random people having one time issues and busting whole thing because of it. Mine has worked 4 years without any problems. Their cases and gaming gear aren't really the better end though.

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Thermaltake case? No idea.

Thermaltake PSU? Like LoGi above mentions - some get a one-off/rare issue and rag on the company from that point, whilst others (like myself) have smooth sailings.


Back in like 2010/2011 an old P4-era 400W Antec fried an unused Molex power line in my main rig (still dunno how that happened, dun care as the PSU's long-gone now). I replaced that with a 550W Thermaltake EVO Blue which kept my system running smoothly when the occasional brownout hit the house and took down every other electronic device powered by the mains that didn't have a battery/PSU (even the monitors for my system). Moved on up to the 750W EVO Blue when I built my current system and again the PSU has kept the system stable and running during line flickers and brownouts that flow through where I now live.

Dad is using an 850W EVO Blue R2 (though, really, he should have my 750W EVO Blue and I the R2), and that has kept his main system (with CPU/Mobo/GPU from my previous rig) up and running when the brownouts hit and take down the Dell he has for XP to play things like D2:LoD.

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Because they're like NZXT cases, it takes a special taste to like them.


Lol, I love the H440 by Razer. I love green and black cases too...

Also, the H230 is very shiny.

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I had a Thermaltake XASER III V1000A a looooooong time ago. I was like 15 or 16 years old. It was a nice case, built in fan controller and all. Back then I think they had a more distinctive aesthetic to them, nowadays they seem to make very generic PC cases.

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Like all tech companies, as trends come in and out of fashion so does the risk of their products looking out of place.  Some of their latest stuff is alright  and some of their first products were awesome. Their PSU's over the last few years have left a lot to be desired though.



I remember when Antec were the goto case for just about everything.   Nowadays they are almost rarely seen.

QuicK and DirtY. Read the CoC it's like a guide on how not to be moron.  Also I don't have an issue with the VS series.

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1) The god awful logo...

2) Had a PSU that failed and killed some components

3) Cases have that gamer feel which only appeals to a certain niche.

4) The god awful logo

5) The name itself

6) Cases have a lot of flaws when looking at reviews

7) Competition at the same price brackets leave it a second choice (or third or fourth)

8) Did I mention the god awful logo?



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Posted · Original PosterOP

@almost everyone 


The logo really isn't that bad. I actually kinda like it. 

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They look like they're meant for some kid that wants a "Gaming PC" and spends $1,500 on rubbish and has no idea how much he got ripped off.

lol 4960x and a 750ti comin right up sir.

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I have a Thermaletake case, other then being a little flashy I like it, it was easy to build in, came with all the hardware I needed, works great with the H100i I have in it. I wouldn't use it for a custom loop setup.

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Because they are the Hyundai of computer cases.

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I have an old Thermaltake Kandalf and I don't really mind it. It's old fashioned and doesn't have much of the modern features, but I don't mind as I'm not doing anything crazy with it anyways. I have also had a power supply from them for about 10 years and have had no problems with it.


I decided to check their cases they have available now and it looks like they only have really bland or too gamery with nothing inbetween so I can see why people may not like them. I also decided to take a look at some reviews and there are a few flaws in all their cases.


If they can fix their case problems and come up with an option for a more elegant design, I can see them doing well.

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