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(Aussies only) Is Vodafone as bad as everyone says?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello, recently I found a really good value plan with vodafone where for $10 more then I'm paying at the moment I get a far superior device then I have at the moment and much better plan. That said, whenever I bring it up, everyone always seems to say the same thing. 


"Vodafone has crap reception though"


That's what I'm looking into. If anyone on here uses/has used them in the last couple of years please tell me what your experience was like in terms of call quality, network reliability, customer service ETC, and preferably where about (just like rough locations) you've used it.


And if it matters, I'm about 2 hours north of Sydney and on optus 3G at the moment

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I cant speak about the East coast, however in the west you cant drive between one city to the next with out drop outs. So if you plan on staying in Sydney sure it may be worth it but in WA you might as well get a fire going cause smoke signals are going to be a more reliable form of communication.

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