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GOG.com updates: 2 free movies, local currencies added and regional price disparity refunds

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I just got an email from GOG talking about a recent update to their site.




GOG is now selling movies, and they're starting with documentaries. A part of this is that you can get 2 movies for free in order to see what it's like. 

In addition, there are now local currencies added: EUR, GBP, AUD and RUB. (Euro, Great British Pound, Australian Dollar and Russian Ruble.)

Along with that, if there is a price markup within your region, GOG will give you the difference back in store credit. The standard price is based off of US pricing.


I think this is all pretty cool, but I don't understand why GOG gives you in store credit, rather than just not charging you the extra amount. I'm sure someone can tell me why there's a probably rather stupid system in place that causes this.

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I'm just happy that I don't have to pay with euros just because I live in the general vicinity of Europe.

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