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HTC One M8 AT&T 4.4.3 OTA Update Faster Battery Drain and Phone Slower in General

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Posted · Original PosterOP

As said above, the AT&T 4.4.3 OTA Update for the HTC One M8 that was released yesterday has caused my phone to die much quicker and my phone now often freezes up for a few seconds. The freezing is most noticeable when watching Youtube videos. My phone is also very hot (like I have been playing a graphic intensive game) all the time when I'm not even using it. None of these problems existed before the update. Any possible fixes? Thanks.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

The only thing I could think (if you don`t want to change your rom to a custom one) is to make a hard reset.

Edit: I just searched for an update on my M8 and the update has 651.81mb ( is this the update number?) 

I am making the update right now and I will tell you if I have the same problem,  but I have my phone without a carrier, maybe the update is different because I don`t have bloatware.

No, the update is 2.23.502.3. I did some research and it seams HTC has pulled the update because lots of other people are having the same problems. I hope they come out with a fix soon!

Here are some news and forums threads:




Don't Update!!!

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