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Why UNIX and Mac OS X Beat Windows

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Just to be clear, I also develop on on OSX too; Im a computational geodynamist who designs large scale fluid dynamic models powered by cluster computing. There are 5 PhD Students/Postodcs in my lab, all of us use a mac pro that ssh into the giant cluster (around 1200 cores with about 2 gb per core of ram). I have used stampeed and teragrid, two of the worlds fastest computers, all calculating numerical experiments I designed on OSX.  Geophysics, as a research field, are mostly filled with mac users. This is true of most academic research disciplines. We are paid billions of dollars in totality every year (STEM academic research) to make scientific inquiry. We are mostly mac users. 


Perhaps pure unix, or a linux client is better. But that doesn't mean people don't use OSX for serious work. We all have our reasons. Ignorance is not the case of being blind, but choosing to keep your eyes closed.

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I don't even use Photoshop that often. I'm mainly a developer. The fact that you're an asshole doesn't change any of this. Quite frankly the entire time you've been trying to prove that OS X isn't used by anyone serious about code and if I'm not proof enough and Google and Silicon Valley aren't proof enough then I don't know what is.


The person that got me to try OS X and Macs was my lecturer at College. Paul Barry, he head ups software development and networking, wrote Head First Pyhton, Head First Programming, Perl Networking,  Bioinformatics Biocomputing and Perl, among other works, is an editor at Linux Journal Magazine, and much much more.


I guess all the people he taught, authored books for that helps, and many others in his field are also all computer illiterates in the eyes of 'some people'.


I always find it funny when people think all Mac users are ignorant when it comes to computers and tech. 

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Yeah well let me quote myself...


A master chef can do more with dogcrap than a newbie with truffles. OSes are different, to start, in philosophy. Overall benefit of using anything depends on the user, that is my problem with anyone claiming something to be superior. Both things have strenghts.

My uneducated guess is that linux takes the crown almost anywhere, due to huuuuuuge dev base. But it's also it's biggest weakness, you're never certain things are going to work all the time, and as you like, so it's more like a huge sandbox where you can do almost anything, but a part of the sandcastle will probably fall off at times. Another weaknes is no support for MS office (MS fault). Open variants are great and dandy, but there always will be some incompatibilities which are annoying, cause EVERYONE ELSE is on office...  Windows is full closed source OS, flexible in hardware support (best even), most popular, stable and offers best support for gaming, for now. OSX is BSD made to work on apple selected/designed hardware to be perfect for it, superstable, easy to use, powerfull. But it's expensive, only works on apple's hardware properly, and cost/benefit is very questionable at best... But their hardware is amazing. Usually.


I personaly would like windows to be more open, but whatever, I'd also like apple to be more hardware flexible too... and I'd like MS to give linux an office version for it...


Cant wait to get some time on my hands to play with darwin.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

But it's expensive,

Which is to say, completely free of charge and DRM-free as well.

"You have got to be the biggest asshole on this forum..."


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Completely free of charge,



if you buy Apple hardware, or it's illegal. DRM is just a hassle really if you know what to do.

It's only illegal because they don't want you suing them for not supporting your Hackintosh.


It's free as I see it. Do with it what you will. I couldn't care less and Apple couldn't give any fewer fucks either.

"You have got to be the biggest asshole on this forum..."


sudo rm -rf /

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Getting real tired of all the windows hate. It's getting old.

So is Windows

Edit: aw crap, I replied to a 6 month+ old post again...

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Very good read, Well written.

I would like to see a part added for the change to GPL 3 in the move to 10.10 when they made the OS Free (Really should have been OS 11 (Such a big change))


You had me stumped for a second there with your joke about 8.1 then I looked back and saw the number and had a little giggle.


Doesn't Anand now work for apple?

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The last sentence:  "Mac OS X is truly “the world’s most advanced operating system.”" . I completely disagree with this statement. There is no such thing. Only the right tool for the right job.

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I agree that Unix is the greatest operating system family ever created. However, I can only agree that Mac OS X is the expensive brat of Unix. The only way to access it legally costs too much money. The fact that it forces regular users who can't afford it to piracy says a lot. I just sold my retina Macbook Pro because it cost me too much and I only used it for websurfing. I didn't feel encouraged to use it to its full potential at all, but maybe that's out of habit having coded in Windows and Linux distributions for so long.


What can I get from OS X that I can't get out of a Linux distribution? Mostly universal agreement with software developers, even though I still find executables that nobody bothered to replicate for Macs. Maybe the tech support of an international corporation, maybe errors that aren't intuitively solved without hours of experience (although some view that kind of learning as potential for growth), but to issue a blanket statement for it like "world's most advanced operating system" is a stretch. I think Apple's marketing and hardware aesthetics is the true reason it thrives so well, besides people who literally grew up with Apple computers.


But I guess that's why Apple makes more money than Windows. I dunno, I've never made a billion dollars.


EDIT: Sorry for encouraging the necro.

Edited by sp0rad1c

:) Soldered TIM, best TIM. :)

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Knowledge accumulated over the years that I can’t really cite because I forgot where it came from but it’s been verified to be true (myself)

Lol, loved this line.

The rest was great as well but I had to laugh when I read it. Epic boss.

Well written and it makes a great argument for anyone (or me) to use OSX but as I have mentioned in other articles I am to dis-inclined to learn a new OS after using Windows for about 20 years. Well done sir on the work you put forth.

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They're basically Mac only at this point actually. This is so hilarious! I didn't even realize. You're really fucked argumentation wise now.

When I went to the Google place in Santa Monica mostly everyone except the people sitting around on laptops were using desktops running Linux.  I didn't check whether people were using Linux on their macbooks.

Linux "nerd".  If I helped you please like my post and maybe add me as a friend :)  ^_^!

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