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Microsoft is Researching New Improvements to Cloud Gaming

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Microsoft's DeLorean is a cloud gaming system that knows what you'll do next.


A paper from Microsoft Research describes DeLorean a "speculative execution system for mobile cloud gaming that is able to mask up to 250ms of network latency" by sending a streaming client the results of the player's next action before it's made. Technically, the system sends multiple possible actions. Imagine a situation where a player could chose to make their character jump, attack or stand still -- Microsoft's system would render all of these possibilities and send them all to the player's game console early, which would simply choose the "correct" option after the player made their choice.


Via: Engadget, TechCrunch (http://www.engadget.com/2014/08/23/microsoft-delorean/)

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That's a smart-ish way of circumventing the problem of improving network infrastructure, but what if I turned 83.2 degrees to the left and 11.5 degrees up and shot someone/thing? I seriously doubt that it could predict that sort of choice...

Obviously it comes down to what games use it. But imo it would be best suited in cloud calculating complex physics that would otherwise destroy your system if it tried to render it in real time 


btw, love your profile pic. both those games are awesome

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Well this is an interesting concept. But this does bring up the question on how well it can be executed. What games COULD actually have this integrated well? All I can think is like chess and other board games. Something like a fighting game, fps, and other fast action genres might be to quick and have so many possibilities that it would have to calculate, causing problems.

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I've done similar research myself and after a very sophisticated process and high level statistics work I came to this conclusion: Take care of the fucking out of control ISPs first and then you can start thinking about streaming or cloud anything.


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