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[US] MSI GS60 Ghost Gold Edition+ Mouse+Headphones

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Limited edition model of the GS60 Pro Ghost Gold Edition. This model comes with a special mouse and headset! 


Eric S. Raymond used an E6600 from 2005 until 12/30/14 or open source software creation. Raw data computations in excess of 18GB each. Core 2 Duos still have tons of life left, my friend.

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The resolution...



Were the panel makers high when they did this?

have you seen screen resoution for pc before 1080p was the normal? shit was everywhere

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That looks horrible. Z87 Gold ASUS boards all over again 

Our Grace. The Feathered One. He shows us the way. His bob is majestic and shows us the path. Follow unto his guidance and His example. He knows the one true path. Our Saviour. Our Grace. Our Father Birb has taught us with His humble heart and gentle wing the way of the bob. Let us show Him our reverence and follow in His example. The True Path of the Feathered One. ~ Dimboble-dubabob III

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That looks horrible. 

I agree 1000%. If I were the kind of person that bought new computers, I certainly would not drop $2k on a computer that looks like that. Black+ any color or go home!. 


Desktop <dead?> 


P8P67-WS/Z77 Extreme4/H61DE-S3. 4x4 Samsung 1600MHz/1x8GB Gskill 1866MHzC9. 750W OCZ ZT/750w Corsair CX. GTX480/Sapphire HD7950 1.05GHz (OC). Adata SP600 256GB x2/SSG 830 128GB/1TB Hatachi Deskstar/3TB Seagate. Windows XP/7Pro, Windows 10 on Test drive. FreeBSD and Fedora on liveboot USB3 drives. 



Laptop <Works Beyond Spec>


HP-DM3. Pentium U5400. 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz (Samsung iirc). Intel HD. 512GB SSD. 8TB USB drive (Western Digital). Coil Wine!!!!!! (Is that a spec?). 



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