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suspected graphics card problems

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I run two monitors, one from onboard intel graphics and the other as my main display off my 7870. Recently whenever I go ingame it plays normally for approx. 2mins then the fans get outrageously loud and the video card stops outputting a signal. I am experiencing no other abnormalites so i can assume the power supply is fine as it is powering everything else without a hitch. I just need someone who knows the problem or has experienced the same to confirm or deny that my graphics card is the problem or whether it can be fixed or that i should replace it.


as always thank you guys and girls a million you're lifesavers.

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Are you getting any artifacting? Have you installed new drivers recently? Changed displays?

If you click on your secondary screen it will auto-minimize your game. Some games can't be alt-tab back and will leave a black or white screen in it's place.

Try a windowed version of furmark and check it's temps and see if it runs stable. Not the best method, but it's still a good indicator of temps/stability.


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