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Linus Tech Tips and JayzTwoCents - Giveaway!

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This video of Jay really changed my decisions on what my next CPU upgrade should be, Showing what the 4790k could do.


This techquickie taught me a think or two about what i am looking at all day.

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-Linus's Video-




-JayzTwoCents Video-



Watching both of these channels have played a detrimental role in getting me back into the world of PC Gaming, as I left for the Console Dark Side right around the time of Halo 2 for the Xbox. I've been out of the PC world for so long, I practically had no Idea the difference between a, Intel I5 or I7. Having to pick just 2 favorites from either channel is almost impossible, so I picked some that really helped me plan the build of my up coming build, which is going to launch me forward into the PC gaming and also give my bank account something to stress about.


Thank you to both of you!    

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To be honest i really like all of tech quickies videos, very informative in such a small package


but this got me watching every other video they have 


Jayztwocents was one of the videos i watched when i was building my current system as i am a newbie on building PCs it really helped a lot, although i watched other videos for more references :)


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This video was super helpful with helping me decide which type of fan i wanted! Awesome video!!!



Watching jay build this amazing rig was a insanely awesome journey to watch him build this badboy!!!

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