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Linus Tech Tips and JayzTwoCents - Giveaway!

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I want that graphics card and I dont mind the power supply. I have one question though. Is this global?

Linus video:

Jayz video:
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Omg what a spectacular giveaway!


Ok piking up the best video from Techquickie was hard because every video is so helpful on giving me tips as tricks for my everyday life! But here is one of my favorites:


In the JayzTwoCents channel it was equally hard to pick one video because the humor and the knowledge we get from his videos at the same time his amazing! Ive learned so much on his channel not only about PC's but also about everyday tech, but watching his videos about his own machine and him talking about hardware is something i love to spend my time on! This is one of the most funny videos on his channel:


Thank you guys for the time and effort you guys give us and keep bring the AWESOME videos!! 

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keep up the good work guys i love both your guys vids they are very informative and enjoyable to watch.

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well it is actully the first time I post in the forums, so..
I NEED a new pc and the giveaway can save me alot of money

LTT vid:

Jay vid: 
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ipv4 ipv6 video was really informative!



And  Loved the skunworks build


Hope I win as my gpu and psu as both have started being unstable. Great work by the way!

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