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CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8120A Gaming PC (Intel i7-8700K 3.7GHz, 16GB DDR4, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB, 240GB SSD+2TB HDD & Win10 Home) Black.I bought this off a 3rd party seller on amazon since amazon was out of stock.Im worried i wont get what i paid for and the seller hasnt even shipped it yet.Its supposed to arrive between the 16th and 19th.I bought this to use with the oculus rift+touch.

Update:after 2 different 3rd party sellers on Amazon,this computer never showed up,so now i need a good computer.I went to cyberpowerpc.com to try to build one but idk what the hell im doing lol.There are so many options on that site that im lost and scared,and balled up in a fetal position sucking my thumb,please halp me!


SCEPTRE 27" Curved LED Monitor C278W-1920R Full HD 1080P HDMI DisplayPort VGA Speakers, Ultra Thin Brushed Metallic, 1800R immersive curvature, 2017


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How about a new mixer?  Not that I need 32 in/14 out, but I definitely like the Mackie DL-series mixers, and I wanted the USB connectivity.



Editing Rig: Mac Pro 17,1

System Specs: 3.2GHz 16-core Xeon | 96GB ECC DDR4 | AMD Radeon Pro Vega II (32GB HBM2) | Lots of SSD and NVMe storage |

Audio: Sound Blaster X7 external DAC/ADC |


Gaming Rig: PC

System Specs:  Asus Rampage VI Extreme board | Intel Core i9 7900X | 64GB Corsair Vengeance LPX (OC'd to 4GHz) | 2 x NVidia 2080Ti FE cards (OC'd) | Corsair AX1500i power supply | CaseLabs Magnum THW10 case (RIP CaseLabs ) |

Audio:  Sound Blaster AE-9 card | Mackie DL32R Mixer | Sennheiser HDV820 amp | Sennheiser HD820 phones | Rode Broadcaster mic |

Displays: Asus PG27UQ 4K/144Hz display | 2 x LG 27UK650-W 4K displays |

Cooling:  2 x EK 140 Revo D5 Pump/Res | EK Asus R6E monoblock | 2 x EK 2080Ti waterblocks | 2 x AlphaCool 480mm x 60mm rads | AlphaCool 560mm x 60mm rad | 21 x Noctua 120mm fans | 8 x Noctua 140mm fans | 2 x Aquaero 6XT fan controllers |

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Cessna Citation

"I don't know what your problem is, but it seems like you don't like me. Besides, I can't put you in any mood - you put yourself into a 'mood' when you take the little things personally."

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New mSATA SSD for the laptop.  No more running out of space on that old 128GB 840EVO. 

I was kinda nervous about buying a new SSD for a 5 year old laptop, but YOLO.  The laptop is still in good condition, the battery is still good and worst case scenario I have a small USB3 enclosure for mSATA, so I can use it as fast external storage. 

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My repertoire now consists of HD598, HD600, DT990 and HE400i

Case: Corsair Air 540; Motherboard: Gigabyte Z270X Gaming 5; CPU: i7 7700K @ 5GHzCooler: NZXT Kraken X61; RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16GB 3000MHz; Graphics Card: GTX 1080TI FE; Power: EVGA SuperNova 750G2; Storage: 2 x Seagate Barracuda 1TB; Crucial M500 240GB & MX100 512GB;Keyboard: Corsair Vengeance K70 (MX Blue); Mouse: Logitech G502; Headphones: Sennheiser HD600; HiFiMan HE400i / Sundara ; Amp: Mayflower Objective 2; Monitor: Dell U2515H 

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Well, not exactly today, but a week ago. I'm assembling new machine this year and I fell in love with this case when I saw it. I have pretty cool (I believe so) idea about complete build, aesthetically. About parts and performance - I have LTT Media Group to do the heavy lifting for me. :D
Next to the case there's a Pepsi bottle (I enjoy this beverage WAAAY more than I should). That, I bought today. :')


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On 2/16/2018 at 4:21 AM, okar said:

So its that difficult  to post real photo?

I haven't taken one yet so yeah.

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On 2/17/2018 at 7:22 AM, Krazes said:

Cessna Citation


On 2/17/2018 at 8:43 AM, rossieman said:

Steak with peppersauce and fries 


On 2/17/2018 at 9:07 AM, marten.aap2.0 said:

100 lollipops as payment for a coffee machine


Pictures ... ง ( ⌓̈ )ง

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Character is like a Tree and Reputation like its Shadow. The Shadow is what we think of it; The Tree is the Real thing.  ~ Abraham Lincoln

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.  ~ Winston Churchill

Docendo discimus - "the best way to learn is to teach" ~ Benjamin Jantz


I am a StarCitizen are you? My ships: Aegis Eclipse, Aegis Sabre, Aegis Gladius, Aopoa Nox, KI P52 Merlin, KI P72 Archimedes and the RSI Constellation Aquila.


My Phones are a Nokia Lumia 925 with WM10 and a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL with WM10 running the Fast Ring insider updates. Broke :(

Samsung Note 9 and a Samsung S9+


About Myself:   https://linustechtips.com/main/profile/229093-sansvarnic/?tab=field_core_pfield_46





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one of these as a Bundle - Doom + Controller. You wonder why there are two in the picture? Well, looks like they f*cked it up sent me two. The parcel guy simply dropped them off below my mailbox, so unfortunately, there was no chance to tell him that I was expecting only one parcel :PI'll just keep it...safe, until some asks me to return it :ph34r:



"We cannot change the cards we're dealt - just how we play the hand" - R. Pausch


CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X , Cooler: BeQuiet Dark Rock 3 Motherboard: MSI B450 Mortar Titanium RAM: 16 GB Corsair LPX 3200 GPU: EVGA RTX2070 XC Storage: Adata 120GB SSD, SanDisk 1TB SDD, 2TB WD GreenHDD Case: Fractal Design Define Mini C PSU: EVGA Supernova 650GS Peripherals: Master Keys Pro S, Logitech G402 Audio: Schiit Fulla 2 + Sennheiser HD 650. Laptop: Asus Zenbook UX 302

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Gopro Hero 5 Black to complement the Hero 4 Silver I have been using. Using them mostly for recording flying videos. Really helps with debriefing lessons.



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A 3TB Seagate hard drive (since I was running short of space rather quickly) and a 3.5" to 5.25" adapter which I didn't end up using since to fit the drive with the adapter into the only 5.25" bay, I'd have had to remove the power supply to get it in.

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32 minutes ago, tmcclelland455 said:

That cable management is so oddly good and I love it.

yea, it's really strange it came like that with cables about 10X longer than they needed to be but it in theory works (I haven't got them to boot into an OS yet due to reasons but you know I'm trying)

The owner of "too many" computers, called

The Lord of all Toasters (1920X 1080ti 32GB)

The Toasted Controller (i5 4670, R9 380, 24GB)

The Semi Portable Toastie machine (i7 3612QM (was an i3) intel HD 4000 16GB)'

Bread and Butter Pudding (i7 7700HQ, 1050ti, 16GB)

Pinoutbutter Sandwhich (raspberry pi 3 B)

The Portable Slice of Bread (N270, HAHAHA, 2GB)

Muffinator (C2D E6600, Geforce 8400, 6GB, 8X2TB HDD)

Toastbuster (WIP, should be cool)

loaf and let dough (A printer that doesn't print black ink)

The Cheese Toastie (C2D (of some sort), GTX 760, 3GB, win XP gaming machine)

The Toaster (C2D, intel HD, 4GB, 2X1TB NAS)

Matter of Loaf and death (some old shitty AMD laptop)

windybread (4X E5470, intel HD, 32GB ECC) (use coming soon, maybe)

And more, several more

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Picked this chair up for $40 at the local auctions. It has amazing build quality & so many features that anything similar starts at $400 & it has A LOT of weight to it.


The arm rests are made from thick steel with stainless steel shrouds on them.. It has height adjust on the arm rests along with adjustment for in & out, height adjust on the headrest along with tilt, the seat slides forward & back & has a locking pin, it also tilts forward & back, the back tilts & the usual height adjust for the seat. The seat cushion is also super comfortable. I really lucked out getting it for the price I did as I have needed a new chair for 3 or 4 months & the open mesh back is gonna be much needed for the warmer months here in Australia.



Case: Ncase M1 CPU: Intel Core i5 6600k MB: ASUS Strix Z270I RAM: 16GB DDR4 Kingston Fury 2400Mhz SSD: Intel 600P M.2 512GB | WD Blue M.2 500GB

Cooler: Noctua NH-L9x65 GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 SC Black Edition 8GB PSU: Corsair SF600 80+ Gold Fans: Noctua NF-F12x 2, Noctua NF-A9x14


CPU: Intel Core i3 6100 MB: ASRock B150M ITX RAM: Kingston 8GB DDR4-2133 SSD: Samsung 850-EVO 250GB HDD: WD RED 3TB x2

Cooler: Noctua L9i Case: Silverstone CS01 PSU: Silverstone 300W SFX 80+ Bronze Fans: Noctua NF-F12

MacBook Air 2014

CPU: Intel Dual Core i5 @ 1.4GHz RAM: 4GB 1600MHz DDR3 SSD: 128GB GPU: Intel 5000 HD Graphics

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While out in the US, I thought I'd visit some record stores. I couldn't help myself. IMG_20180224_181727.thumb.jpg.92ce6357abc3fe357e27f2774a709fce.jpg


What do they know of England, who only England know?

"Well that's what I always said I wanted to be remembered for, for being honest. Nothing else is worth a damn"


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On 2/22/2018 at 5:37 PM, TopDollar said:

Gopro Hero 5 Black to complement the Hero 4 Silver I have been using. Using them mostly for recording flying videos. Really helps with debriefing lessons.



How much better is it compared to the Silver?

He who asks is stupid for 5 minutes. He who does not ask, remains stupid. -Chinese proverb. 

Those who know much are aware that they know little. - Slick roasting me



CPU- Intel i5-6500 GPU- EVGA 1060 6GB Motherboard- Gigabyte GA-H170-D3H RAM- 8GB HyperX DDR4-2133 PSU- EVGA GQ 650w HDD- OEM 750GB Seagate Case- NZXT S340 Mouse- Logitech Gaming g402 Keyboard-  Azio MGK1 Headset- HyperX Cloud Core

Offical first poster LTT V2.0


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This Fritel GR 2275 plate grill / table top bbq. My cat accidentally destroyed my previous one in her first night at my place. Now I can finally make grilled cheese sandwiches againfritelgr2275.thumb.jpg.9dcd327bc30dd740fe72f184a623b5ec.jpg

The evolutionist: CPU: i5-2500k 4.5 GHz OC CPU-COOLER: LEPA Aquachanger 240 AIO GPU: AMD RADEON HD 6670* RAM: 2X 4GB DDR3 MB: ASUS P67 Sabertooth Rev. 3 PSU: Cooler Master PSU CASE: Aerocool Strike-X One BOOT DRIVE: OCZ Octane 256GB SSD DATA DRIVE: 1TB Western Digital WDC & 3TB Western Digital WDC OS: Windows 10 Professional x64


*Loaner to replace my recently died ASUS GTX 750Ti-PH-2GD5. May you rest in peace


If you have a pc and you replace all parts of that pc, is it still the same pc?

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