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What product would you like to see us review that we haven't yet?


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Been checking out 2080ti cards. But their cost are so high that it made me wonder. Can you buy 2 2080 cards and run them in SLI(NV-Link maybe) instead of buying 1 2080ti card and get better preformance? 


Also, what is the best fps set-up you can buy for the least ammount of money. 

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Lenovo got a pre-built case called Legion C530. It it posibble to upgrade it the LTT way? 9900k etc.? The case looks really cool and would be the perfect PC to carry to LAN in my opinion.

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9 hours ago, RichardTechNoob said:

Lenovo got a pre-built case called Legion C530. It it posibble to upgrade it the LTT way? 9900k etc.? The case looks really cool and would be the perfect PC to carry to LAN in my opinion.

One of the other big tech-tubers did that, I wish I could remember who...


If you want a portable PC case, track down one of these.

Main PC: i5-8600K (6C/6T), MSI Z370M, T-Force Delta II RGB 16GB, Samsung 128GB NVME, Crutial MX300, WD White/Red 8TB, ROG STRIX RX-580 8GB, Corsair CX 750, CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000, ASUS and iHos BDVD-ROM, 2X Generic DVD-ROM Windows 10 Enterprise

School Laptop: Acer Chromebook 11

Phone: Galaxy Note 8, Android 9.0 (Finally got the update!!! Screw you Verizon!)

Random devices in various stages of working: Dell Inspiron 1000 (Works perfect other than battery), Late 2007 Macbook Aluminum Unibody (For Sale), Late 2009 Macbook Polycarb (Used for video editing. FCP > Premier Pro) Gateway Solo W2000 Laptop (For writing floppies, needs a battery), iBook G4 (For Sale.), Surface 3 (Touch screen is borked, perfect otherwise.), Lenovo G580 (For Sale)

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On 11/21/2018 at 5:33 PM, RyzeNShine said:

Shadow 'PC in the Cloud' software!


On 11/19/2018 at 1:02 AM, Falco5150 said:

Shadow. the online gaming pc rental software.

He has already, right? 


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The HP Omen X 65 Experium. It's a 65-inch 4K gaming TV with G-Sync, HDR, 144 Hz refresh-rate; the works.


-The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlamp of an oncoming train.

-Celibacy is not hereditary.

-If everything seems to be going well you obviously have no idea what's going on.

-Never argue with a fool, people might not know the difference.

-A shortcut is the longest distance between two points.

-Everyone has a scheme for getting rich that will not work.


-Do things according to who you are, not who others are.

-You can't put a square peg in a round hole. If you're a square peg, make yourself a square hole.

-If somebody else will, why should you?

-If your life consists solely of doing the bidding of others, you have no life at all.


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Perhaps y'all could try out NVDIMMs. (Non-volatile storage in DIMM slots) Theoretically much faster than NVMe if I understand it correctly (And I very well may be mistaken).

Fan Comparisons          F@H          PCPartPicker         Analysis of Market Trends (Coming soon? Never? Who knows!)

Designing a mITX case. Working on aluminum prototypes.

Open for intern / part-time. Good at maths, CAD and airflow stuff. Dabbled with Python.

Please fill out this form! It helps a ton! https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/841400-the-poll-to-end-all-polls-poll/

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[Video Request] UPS systems general information and buyers guide


while searching these forms and youtube for my self, i found that this would make for a awesome video


  • intro
  • sponsor
  • general information
  • what to look for
  • difference between watts and volt-amps
  • basic suggestions
  • how to find out what you need (voltage meter) *do the math
  • price to performance and how not to overpay?
  • tiers suggestions
    • basic
    • causal run of the mill gamer (needing to finish a level before shut down)
    • OC OP gaming computer (its not over till i say its over)
    • the apocalypse came? i didn't notice...
  • benefits
    • dirty wall energy (scrap yard wars clip insert here) 
    • may help overclocking
    • may prevent harm to your system
    • having your internet on one to keep your internet running during a black out
    • other uses
      • other uses - insert joke, james with long blonde hair and a curling iron. why? reasons ( o.O )
  • things i missed, or need to be mentioned... 
  • topics from the thread?



be gentle is my first post xD

ps ty to the mods on telling me where to put this 

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Hi everyone at LTT, i am deeply grateful for the channel and all of you!
It keeps me out of my personal ruminations watching your funny episodes, thank you ❤️

I am new to security cams setup, but quite good in autodidact D.I.Y. mentality and comfortable with electronic soldering,
and lastly i am a n0ob in coding but also already broken the ice with RasPi3B+ if i am guided clearly.

So i was wondering what is the most affordable setup for security cameras for a house ?

Ideally i want to use 4 small/hidden HD 1080p cams for all my main access points to the house from the outside view, that can be selected individually to warn me all the roommates on our cellphones with live feed when movements are detected but only on certain one's because the front entrance is a busy street and we don't want to get annoyed with lots of false alerts. Is it possible to create our own cloud storage on a hard drive that can send alerts via wifi data or sms if absent from the house with a link to our diy cloud to see the stream live wherever we are ?

I heard about the security cam cloud service and monitoring called '' Stratocast '' by Genetec : ( https://www.genetec.com/solutions/all-products/stratocast/overview )
but i am not sure it is worth the yearly cost for only an appartment if a DIY solution exist.

I don't wish to have some bulky pods of plastic balls or any eye popping devices, discrete as possible, thin like a wire with the lens has its pin head if it exist.
That can be fished thought walls with only a small hole to in the frames/walls.

For visual filters is there are any hybrid versions of camera lens that are both functional in
day time so has infrared in night time for the same lens that adjust itself automatically ?

Or i need to hook up separated individuals one's in pairs at the 4 locations with 8 lens instead of 4 ?

For software solutions i eyed the app named '' Haven: Keep Watch (BETA) '' by The Guardian Project : ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.havenapp.main&hl=en )
it turn old Androids phone's into security cams even advertised by Edward Snowden, but i am suspicious about its visual quality & reliability in the long run.

Is there an advantage or differences in records transmission methods in an PoE security IP cams with NVRs (Network Video Recorders)
an DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) for cameras that are connected via a coax cable
Wire-free security cameras that are powered by batteries (or with solar cells combo or psu) and transmit the data via WiFi ?
All above options or more that are unknown to my knowledge ?

For wireless cameras is there any risk of being hacked, i guess they transmit the signal encrypted in AES 256 bits minimum ?

I want to hide my Central Surveillance Recording and DATA transmission Hub of hardware piece gears within the wall with a discrette hidden door acces. My profession is home improvement in renovation so if i can add more skills to offer to future clients it would be better for me & i love new challenges & to learn new stuffs!

Anyway if Linus can make an ABC video on this topic i would be very gratefull !

Thank you, will continue my researches and comparing costs plus advantages... peace :)

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I'd like to see more reviews on dedicated mobile workstations - laptops with workstation grade hardware like Quadros and Xeons for example. 


Example products:

Lenovo P1

Dell Precision 5530

HP ZBook 15 G5


All these are pretty similarly specced laptops. The Lenovo P1 is using the same chassis as the X1 Carbon Extreme which has been reviewed before. So rather than doing individual reviews to differentiate from that, a roundup video comparing the laptops with a focus on workloads that utilize the hardware. I would like to see a focus on things like which laptop has the best thermal management solution. 

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Raspberry pi vs arduino vs other similar products. 

LTT Fan Fiction:

PC game list: 


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unraid series

  • low end build
  • ebay retired server components compared and benchmarked - even prebuilt vs custom (R710, Norco 2442, Supermicro CSE-846 / 847 etc)
  • Whonnock configuration - more than 30 drives / dangers of the cache pool and mitigating risk of failure
  • buy a bunch of SUN 3TB SAS drives from ebay and stress them (they are $30/each) - high temp / high vibration and compare against a new shucked 4TB WD and a new WD green to see what dies first
  • what backplane / SAS expander / HBA is the best price to performance

pfSense Series

  • vlans - why, how, and examples
  • hardware compare / capabilities / benchmarks
  • ancient laptop resurrection
  • redundancy / failover setup
  • plugin performance hits / specs for 10gb

and maybe a new channel / series:

  • Anthony's Hackintosh / Linux - builds / tips / reviews / etc.
  • n00b to network engineer (start with the basics, grow through to high level networking techniques)
  • Premiere tips and tricks
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On 7/22/2014 at 1:30 AM, Slick said:

Specific products please! Links greatly appreciated :D

Cooler master Masterbox Lite 5 (Title could be: Tempered Glass For $60?! Is it too good to be true?) 

Hello, im just a person who likes to play games, make programs and build computers.

Site: https://mattiebit.cf


Pc: Potato.

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