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Tacky Squid {Custom Case Build}

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At my school we have a club called "Tech Squad" which has lots of junior members in years 7-9 of their schooling lives and a few seniors like myself who are in our final years.

After lots of convincing etc. I've managed to get a semi confirmation that this is going to happen. The idea of this is for it to be a "showcase" PC with water cooling, LEDs etc.

Parts wise we have some things lying around at school that we can salvage, so the parts list is to be as such. I know that it isn't amazing but it is more or less the best that I can do considering supplier, budget etc.




CPU - Intel Core i7 920

Motherboard - Some ASUS mobo with black PCB to match CPU

RAM - Corsair Vengance 2x4GB



PSU - We already have one which is Corsair from memory, but other than that I can't remember (I'm on holiday)




CPU - EKWB EK-Supremacy Clean Nickel
GPU - EKWB EK-FC770 GTX Nickel
Pump - EKWB EK-DDC 3.25
Piping - XSPC HighFlex Hose White
Rad -  XSPC EX240 Dual Fan Radiator
Fans - Corsair SP120s
RES - Customnesss


As I said this is less than ideal, but what I think is the best for what we have to work with.


Moving on, the more exciting part. The case...

So as this is to be a showcase build I have been thinking that an extremely open style might be nice so after a few mins on sketchup this is what I came up with.post-837-0-83272100-1405070086.png




I obviously didn't spend the most time on it, but the basics are there. Wiring will come up through the baseplate next to where it needs to go to. HDD wil be underneath the custom res , I plan to have the motherboard on standoffs with some frosted acrylic and LED underglow.

Also almost forgot, have decided to go with the tried and true black and white colour scheme, the mobo doesn't have any coloured heat-sinks so all should be good :)


The next update won't be for a few weeks as I am currently on break, but as soon as school is back I will try to get everything ordered asap as well as have the MTECH ( Hard materials technology) teachers to get onto making the case.




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yell at mr watts and it will happen

Gamer, Programmer and Server Administrator

all with a HP laptop <3


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