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- Solved - Need to re-install drivers at every boot. HELP

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Posted · Original PosterOP

- Solved -

So, every time I boot my computer it will not detect any networks, the only solution I have found for this is to re-install my network drivers (the ones on the cd that came with the mobo) every time i boot up my computer. There has got to be an easy fix for this. This problem recently emerged directly after installing a clean copy of windows after my old hard drive failed and I bought my new ssd (kingston hyperX 3k 240gb in case it matters)


My mobo is an Intel dz77bh-55k running intel's rst, gigabit ethernet and obviously a z77 chipset


Things I have tried:

- Restarting the computer multiple times

- Re-installing latest ssd drivers

- Uninstalling network drivers

- Re-re-re-re-installing the network drivers


Things I still need to try: [Please tell me if any of these will do nothing, so I am not wasting my time]

- Try installing different (newer) network drivers [I have not tried this because I have not found any yet]

- Re-installing other drivers

- Flashing bios

- Resetting cmos

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