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The Man-Cave [99.9% Complete]

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On 3/21/2016 at 8:31 AM, TitanCave said:

@smogsy Do you have any dimensions or a floor plan? After seeing this project, id love to try and build one myself.

Just judging by the pictures in the first post, I would guess it is around 20 feet x 12 feet. I would also guess the roof is 8 foot or so at the front and around 6.5 to 7 feet at the rear.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

^ close guess 22*16 * believe its 8.5 at front 7.5 at rar



not big a update but bought a Fractel design XL R2, an amazing case to after it being built. But a horrid case to build in, with one arm. (power supply mounting is terrible). the reason for so many cables on show is no SSD caddies without the drive cahges going to pick up some 3M tape soon!
Anyway Its now totally silent measuring around 10db outside the case.
Also you may notice a 980 is missing sold 1, & the other is being give to its new owner when my 1080 SLI Arrives, Also need to get a 3rd card.
Nvidia 0db + Displayport recommendations?

tested overwatch in 4K 100fps in game 60-70 in menus/victory screen with 980 SLI




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Very nice work, my friend. You've given be a bit of inspiration.. although I'm waiting to acquire a new piece of property soon, so I don't think I'm going to be able to pull that off. ;)

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I'm curious if that paneling you used on the interior is a tongue and groove pine? I Love how it looks and it has me considering doing something similar to that in my basement.

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Just a question, how much did the building itself cost? It seems like you could live in there if you really wanted to

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Posted · Original PosterOP


Display cabinet with Cupboard

getting rid of all my black furniture :)

Has mirrors all around on inside & built in lights (need to wire them up)


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Posted · Original PosterOP


you reminded me i needed to update this thread!

just an update of what it looks like now days

Whats changed?
New 4K Pansonic HDR TV > http://www.panasonic.com/uk/consumer/viera-televisions/led/tx-65dx902b.html
New AV cabinet with no roof for good ventilation :)
Router mounted above TV for good 2ghz/5ghz access
Sofa pushed back
not much changed here
Display cabinet (also fitted with spotlights)
Displaying Developers that make good games fiorst before money
1 shelf: Diablo Book,Witcher 3 Diary Witcher 3 Art Book,
2nd shelf: 3 WoW statues
3rd shelf: Film Snacks (soon to be Witcher Statues)

27" ROG swift +  Acer 34A


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Posted · Original PosterOP

just an update:


Some new art pieces Among others

This is a painting in progress from my mother
if you can guess where this comes from (the location on the canvas here is a cookie :)

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Wow. I was impressed right up until page 9 when it hit me. This guy is just here to show off.


Going through the pages, there have been countless people leaving compliments and asking questions. Humble people that are interested in what you have accomplished, yet you have ignored them all so you can "show off" by posting picture after picture... Sadly, this thread isn't even a discussion.


In my best Jim Carey voice "Loooooossseerrrrrr".

I7-7700k@5.1ghz + 1080ti @ 2050mhz + 32gbs Ram + 2TB SSD = CSGO

i7-6700k@4.9ghz + 980ti @ 1501mhz + 16gbs Ram + 1 TB SSD = Backup

i7-3770k@4.8ghz + 680 4gb + 32gbs Ram + 500gb SSD = Retired/Office work

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