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[Amazon] Rosewill HIVE-750 [$59.99]

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It's a solid psu with a plain look that blends in with just about any 'black/etc' build.

Don't forget to use LinusMediaGroup's referral code: http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&tag=linustechtips-20


Review from Guru3D: http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/rosewill_hive_750_watt_psu_review,1.html




Tech of Tomorrow's unboxing: 

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Guru3D sucks for PSU reviews


wtf even is this graph? How is this useful?






"The Rosewill HIVE 650 W proved to be an excellent power supply for the average user..."

"The HIVE 550W... provides acceptable voltage regulation and quality"

"All in all, the Rosewill Hive 550W is a decent mainstream PSU."

"By the way, the product box says "High Quality Japanese Primary Capacitor," information that is not correct." "Rosewill promised to use a Japanese main capacitor but this time they used a Teapo." Teapo secondaries, Nippons on the modular board.


Paul from Newegg unboxed the 550W HIVE on his channel:


And here's a list of all Rosewill PSUs


The Hive Series is made by Sirtec. The 750W can only deliver 650W on the 12V.

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I'm pretty happy with my 750W Hive, it performs well and I've never had any problems with it.

 [Minnesota Rig: Ryzen 5 2600X | Kraken X60 | ASRock X370 Taichi | 2x Sapphire R9 290 Vapor X | G.Skill 32GB RGB | Samsung 960 Evo | Intel 530 180GB | EVGA 1300W | NZXT S340 Elite | Win 10]

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Guru3D sucks for PSU reviews

The graph shows if there are any irregularities in the strength across the different voltages.


Guru3D isn't who I generally refer to for reviews on PSUs, but they most certainly don't suck.

Case: CM HAF Stacker 935 - CPU: Intel i5 4670k - GPU: Two EVGA 780 3GB Classified in SLI - Mobo: Asus z97-WS - Ram: Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866mhz (2x4gb) - HDD: WD 1TB - SSD -Kingston 120gb - All Water Cooled with a custom loop.

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The graph shows if there are any irregularities in the strength across the different voltages.

Except it doesn't. The scale is too large, you can't make out the details, which makes the graph useless. The table is a better idea, they should stick with that.



This review has 9 pages worth of material. Lets see what they managed to cover.

1. Introduction. An advert for the features of the unit.

2. Advertises the features from Corsair's website.

3. First Product Showcase page.

4. Second Product Showcase page.

5. Third Product Showcase page. They mention the fan and the OEM (CWT), but that's it for the internals. Cable lengths.

6. Efficiency. Another useless graph.

7. Voltage regulation. Noise test.

8. Corsair Link advert.

9. Pricing, aesthetics, conclusion.

The review is an advert.


No component analysis (besides the fan, which is incorrectly stated to be FDB). No measure of ripple. No crossload tests. No complaint at the price, and no comparison to competing PSU prices.

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