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Logitech MK260 & MK270 Review

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I’ve owned my MK270 for quite some time now, and I figure it’s about time I did a review on it, and the MK260 (which my MK270 replaced).



I went in thinking that these sets would suck terribly since they were so cheap. But, it was quite the opposite. For the price, I think that these are the best keyboards that you can possibly get. They’re nice to type on, above everything else, and when you do type, they aren’t jarringly loud like the HP keyboard that I’m using right now. The M210 (mouse that came with the MK260) is a little bit bigger, which I like, since the M185 (which came with the MK270) feels a little small.



They actually both look really nice. They look really simple, and aesthetically pleasing. Part of this is probably that they were meant to be used in an office or on a home computer. The mice are both black with a little grey band that goes around the mouse (the band on the M185 is a little darker), a grey scroll wheel, and a white Logitech logo. The keyboards also have a black/grey color scheme for the most part, with the only exception being the letters on the keys and the Logitech logo being white.



The battery life on both of the keyboards is great, but the battery life on the M185 is definetly better than that of the M210. Part of this might be that the M185 has an optic sensor, where as the M210 has a laser sensor. The MK270’s keyboard and mouse also have on/off switches to turn them off when you aren’t using them to save some battery, or if you want to turn them off so you don’t bump them while your computer is asleep, causing it to wake up (you’ll want to flip the mouse over and turn it off before the computer goes to sleep though, since mouse movement might make it wake up).



Let’s get the obvious thing out of the way: These are not comparable in quality to something like a K70 or M65, since they cost half of the price of just one of those. But for the price, they are both pretty damn tough. I dropped a hard drive on the N key of my grandma’s K270 (the corner of the hard drive from about 2 ½ feet) and it barely cracked the key (a dent and maybe a 3mm crack at the bottom of the key). Not bad, considering the price. However, the little things that raise the back of the keyboard up do seem to break easily, so you might want to watch out for that if you tend to angrily hit the ESC key when you get mad at Battlefield 3 (guilty as charged).



Overall, I couldn’t be more impressed with these sets, especially for the price. I’ve used my fair share of keyboards and mice at the same price, and these always come out ahead. The keyboard is nice to type on, the battery lasts a long time, it has a decent assortment of the function/multimedia keys, and it doesn’t look terrible. The mouse… Well it does what it’s supposed to.  It clicks, it right clicks, it scrolls, and it middle clicks. The battery last a reasonable amount of time (especially in the M185), and the DPI is just right.



For an office or home computer where you won’t be doing a ton of gaming (if any), hell yes. If you have small kids they might not be the best choice, since they are wireless and the little feet break somewhat easily. For some light gaming they would be okay, but I personally wouldn’t want to get into anything much more than LoL or Minecraft, since they are membrane.

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I'm spoiled. Can't use a mouse like that my hand hurts.  :lol:

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