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help needed (cpu at 90%load)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hello. i just noticed this because i fired up minecraft and it was lagging, then i saw that my amd fx8320 was at 100% load. i closed down minecraft and this java app is still running. can someone give me information on what that is? (it fluctuates from 50% to 90% cpu load but is more on the 90% side) 


OH and also i dont pirate games (so it isnt that watchdogs mining thing linus was talking about) 

i do however dl torrents and software, however i havent done this in a while


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Re-install Java. Make sure when you do, all Java files are deleted.


Plus, ensure that minecraft is deleted too, re-install that after Java.


EDIT: Make sure it's 64-Bit Java too.

Compatible with Windows 95

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Shut it down and see if it re-appears. If it doesn't, Launch MC, shut MC down and see it is there. 

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i had a similar problem once.


my computer booted with only 1/4 cores (2 with hyper thredding). i don't know why my windows was set to start with only one core but i fixed it this way:


-open your start menu


-search for "msconfig"


-right click and open as administrator


-go to the "start" tab


-open "advanced options" (or something similar)


-look if the first box on the top left corner is checked


-uncheck everything if necessary



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Posted · Original PosterOP

well i just ended the process and ran minecraft and the pc is at 30% max....ill restart the pc and see if the problem persists then id reinstall java and whatnot

THANKS tho!! :)

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Restart all off the Programs on your computer if that doesn't work check if there is a Java update

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Java, why so useless...

Because Java gets updates about every time I boot my computer. This is why we can't have nice things.

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