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LoL VS. DotA 2?

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I prefer LoL!

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Hmm. I think CS:GO is better.  :P

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I prefer league. But the community is so toxic im probably going to go back to WoW soon.

Really wish companies would dish out real punishments for the idiots. like a 3 strike and your out kind of deal.

Gaming is meant to be fun. Not sitting there trying to play while some 9yr old is having a rage lol.

Although they do sometimes make me lol.


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Since I play to have fun, here's how I judge competitive games:


How fun is it when you're losing?

Because obviously it's fun when I'm winning...


I really only play LoL now because my friends play it, and I play it as a consequence of wanting to play video games with friends. And being in a losing game sucks. If you get stuck with bad randoms, you just get to wait and wait until the enemy finally takes nexus. And it's boring. And it's not fun.


Both LoL and Dota are a nightmare. NIGHTMARE. To control. Play a PS2-era game, then a moba, and I dare you to come up with a reason why moba controls are more slick and fun to use. They aren't. Top-down is clunky and boring.


The only moba game that I really enjoy all aspects of is Smite. It has all of the complexity and depth of LoL or Dota, a much higher skill floor than both, a much higher skill roof than both, stellar game balance across roles and items, and...

It's still pretty fun even if we're not winning. <-- This is probably a consequence of the control scheme being more like an action game and less like an RTS


Really I dislike both Dota and LoL to some degree, but if I had to call one out for bad design and balance choices it would probably be LoL. Riot is basically clueless when it comes to nerfing/buffing champions and balancing the entire champion pool and item pool.

Git Gud.

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Here's my opinion of mobas:


(Played 700+ Games) League is very balanced and has many more playable characters than most mobas. It balances team objectives well with giving a person the chance to hyper-carry but only if they are legitimately just that much better than their opponent (i.e. their lane opponent so they can get fed early and really snowball). That said about 1/10 people in the community seems to be really toxic. That may not sound that bad, until you consider the fact that each game is made up of ten players. Beyond that the lore is really interesting and riot has set up a great community in many other ways, with the community pumping out additional content in all forms to keep people entertained.


(Played 200+ Games) Smite is a very fast paced and much more action focused moba. For example, in league I usually prefer mage type characters, but in smite I prefer strait up assassins. There is much more focus on actual map positioning in smite, because you can legitimately sneak up behind people in the laning phase. This seems to be balanced by a much harder hitting jungle than in most mobas, because the junglers usually have to grab some lane exp before they can even start roaming. An AOE of the same size compared to your character in a moba like league seems bigger even though it isn't necessarily because of your perspective. The community doesn't give me many problem although there is the occasional troll. I also had much more fun in the non-standard game modes than I do in lets say the crystal scare. 


(Played 200+ Games) DOTA 2 is very similar to league. The difference mainly stems from the attitude valve has about their characters and certain game mechanics. This game is harder than league mechanically, in my opinion. This is most likely caused by the addition of turning speed, how item distribution works and a very not intuitive stat system. That said harder does not mean worse I love dota for it's complexity and over the top character abilities. It really allows for hyper carrying (which can be good or bad) and allows the greatest chance for your mechanical skill to show through. That said it sometimes feels a bit over weighted which seems to drag down on the team experience, as the correct answer 9/10 times seems to be do what's best for me as opposed to do whats best for the team in the early game. 


(Played 200+ Games) Heroes of the Storm is a very team oriented game. It is much easier to pick up than most mobas and as a result has not gold system, just exp. which is shared team wide. This makes it virtually impossible to 1 (or 2 or 3) man carry. The team that works together best seems to always win, but your not always on that team. Pugs can really drag you down, and with no way to surrender as of yet (it's still in beta at the time of this post) that can be incredibly frustrating. This also means solo or even duo queuing are a nightmare as it seems like you flipping a coin for your teammates. The flip-side to this is all of the maps have different objectives, which is a nice refresher, healing is definitely more important than in most mobas and some of the characters are very unique because they do not operate like a lot of other characters from other mobas (i.e. Abathur).  Ultimately I enjoy this the most when I have a full team of 5 people.


Note that this is all in my opinion from what I have played in these games.

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I just find LoL more fun. Cant quite think why though. LoL champs feel much more memorable and roles feel significant and obvious. I also much prefer the LoL item system in game. I found Smite fun for the first few games but then it lost its apeal. I only really enjoyed Heroes of the Storm because of the WoW lore in it, gameplay was alright too. Dota too gameplay doesnt feel smooth but I understand its a large learning curve and some people like the challenge of learning the game. LoL really is easy to play and hard to master

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I like dota because of it's mechanics, it's a lot of fun for me to play when I have a option to play every hero, which is a big point. Plus a lot of people I know like dota 2 more anyways because Arteezy use to be a student here.

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I personally think Dota is better now that I'm getting into it, I've met some really nice people, and when you carry a game on Dota is makes you feel extremely good and for the most part your teams like "Good kill" BUT some characters can be a bitch ex) Sniper v Phantom Assassin: but then again you get those really bad games then you get ones where you think your gonna fail but your friend destroys the ancient last second right before yours is about too, but hopefully the reborn makes it a little more balanced  

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I like dota, cuz there are more things to do - u can stack camps, u can block them, cut trees, eat trees, collect runes....., also dota is looking much better than league, looks a bit like anime 4some reason. And one of the reasons - its completely free (not cosmetics), u dont have to buy characters and other stuff. Last reason I remember is that in LoL with runes and masteries u can get like over 100 dmg..so much in dota, u have much harder last hitting. 

But LoL is good cuz u dont have to w8 so long for match. =)

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I personally prefer League over DOTA2. 

I've got many friends on both games, and I have tried many times to get into DOTA2, but it just doesn't click with me.

However, I do enjoy SMITE. $30AU for all current and new champions? Sold.

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It depends how hardcore you play the games.


On the surface LoL focuses a lot more on teamwork. The characters are slower, the spells have low cool down and the stuns are MUCH shorter than DotA. This means that catching a person off guard usually requires more than one person to gank them. In DotA, you still have teamfights, but overall it's less engaged than with LoL. A hero can more easily tumble out of control and most pubbies tend to do the one man carry kind of thing.

If you are really hardcore into the game, like 4-8 hours daily into a game, then they are both exactly the same more or less. Team games always revolve around teamwork. In most pro-level play, the difference in mechanics between is much less important to the distribution and understanding of duties. 

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this is more what I meant about balanced. dota has a few really broken/stupid things. I see your point though.


That's like 2 years old Lewl

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That's like 2 years old Lewl

I am well aware of that. I don't think it was patched when I posted that. I posted that 1 year and 4 months ago.


I love when people reply to ancient comments and complain that its from something old. No shit.

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That's like 2 years old Lewl

That comment is also, almost 2 years old

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So the last thing i want to do is start a heated argument about LoL vs dota, because we all know how thats going to end, but I have to disagree with you. I definitely have quite a bit of experience with both games, ~1000 games in league and just over 700 games in dota, and to me dota is much more balanced, every hero has a counter and one of the things that annoyed me most about LoL was the fact that once they brought a new champ out they are OP as balls until the following patch, which often breaks the game in other ways, though I havent played in a while so things may have changed. Though I am hesitant to claim that the dota community is 'good' i would argue that it is better in some aspects to the league community, such as leavers and feeding.

This might be making me sound like a fan boy but i think dota is more intense, you are actually punished for dieing and getting fed actually means something in dota where as in lol no team is ever really out of the game. But thats just my opinion.

I completely agree, dota is much MUCH more balanced than league, as well, it is more complicated, and in my eyes requires more skill.

Edit: just realizedwhen the last post is, oops.

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I've played both of them quite a bit, but have a ton more time in LoL. Communities are equally bad. LoL is better balanced by far, but less all-out crazy because of it. I like runes and masteries, makes things more interesting. I think LoL currently has more heroes/champions. I personally much prefer LoL. Both very good games overall though.

Considering every time LoL brings out a new champion every month and makes them stupidly overpowered and there being champions that are never played due to how terrible they are DEFINITELY makes LoL more balanced -_-

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I think both are great games, and experiences will obviously differ due to preference and the people you end up playing with (luck of the draw for most of us).


I think another aspect is the level you play at.


To expand on that, a serious amateur dota player will be focusing on the current meta, drafting, mechanics, and require heavy reliance on teamwork to make any progress in any competitive setting (AD2L, CEVO etc.). Many casual players don't understand that even amateur players at this level drill with their team very often, and is more similar to a "sport" than a "game".


I'm certain this is the same in the LoL scene, but I can't comment much since I've only played two games due to pressure from my friends. My initial impressions were however, that the games are very similar on the surface, but they start to become vastly different at a higher level of play.

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Dota 2 mastur race!

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