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Steelseries 7h alternate..?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys!

I recently bought a pair of steelseries 7h for gaming and the occasionally latenight movie (so I dont wake my roomie) :P Anyway, I had read a couple of great reviews about the 7h and decided to buy it, as the USB version was on sale for about a 100$ (about 15-20% off). However, now that Ive gotten it I.. well I had read some comments about the headset easily breaking, but I was certain the just werent treating it properly.. but HOLY FUCK is that not a sturdy construction! Especially the earcup rotators feels like they would snap under lightes presure, and the headband doesnt feel like its made to stretch across my head at all!

Anyone else agree on this?

On topic: Now that Im likely to return it, what headset / headphone + mic combo would you recommend @ 100-150$. Preferably with quality around the siberia v2s and I would also prefer if they were very durable! :)

Ive been looking at the Zowie Hammer since it A: is cheap and B: VERY durable, but Ive heard the soundquality is lacking, so thats why Im kinda hesetating.

Ive also looked at some cheap headphones and a decent mike. The Sony MDR XB500 looks very comfortable, but will a clipon mike be of the same quality as that on a dedicated gaming headset?

Im using onboard sound on the Asus P8Z68-lx motherboard. :)

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You are aware that Steelseries provide warranty right? Just talk to them and/or talk to the store you got it from and you can get it replaced.

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