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Blender Release notes

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This is a Release note thread for Blender 3D, for people interested in using the 3D software please follow the link below:



Update: 2.67


Freestyle Rendering: Additional information


"Freestyle provides artists with a new tool set for generating 2D line drawing out of a given 3D scene prepared with Blender."


Paint System: Additional information


"The stroke system and brush texture access has been unified and as a result there are many more tools now shared across paint modes."


Motion Tracker: Additional information


"Camera and object motion solver motion are much more accurate and faster because the Ceres library is used now for the bundle adjustment step."


Compositing: Additional information


"Added border for compositor viewer node, which restricts what is to be composited for faster previews."


3D Printing: Additional information


"An addon to help with 3d printing is now bundled as well as a new ruler tool and mesh-analysis display attributes such as thickness, sharp-areas and distortion."


Node Editor: Additional information


"Node Groups editing is less cluttered and more consistent with other nodes."


Cycles Render: Additional information


"A Subsurface Scattering shader is now available, to create materials such as Wax, Marble or Skin."


Python Nodes: Additional information


"The API now supports custom node types. Nodes can be defined and registered in python scripts like other UI classes."


Tools: Additional information


"New mesh modeling tools: Individual Face Inset, Poke Face and Knife Project."


Future updated will be added in to later posts


don't forget to visit Blender.org for more information


for Blender Tutorials please visit:

Blender Guru

Blender Cookie

Blender Nation


for Blender models please go to:


Character artist in the Games industry.

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