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Western Digital

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black is performance

green is the environmentally power saving one

red is the one  you can use in a nas {enterprise grade type}

blue is the 'standardish' average drive

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Green = low power, slow for storing huge ammounts of data

Blue = normal Power consumtion, fast, it's the normal OS drive


Black = high power, fast, high reliability -> highend version of a Blue drive

Red = low power, normal fast, 24/7 certified --> highend green drive for 24/7 use in NAS

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IIRC, Red's are based on Greens...


Can't confirm that greens are slow, i get about 120-130 Mb/s on my 2 TB Green Drive

Good news everyone...!

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They also have RAID Edition drives (RE, basically corporate versions of red drives), and the faster VelociRaptor series.

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Black is their high performance consumer grade drive or low level enterprise level drive. It's on par with the Seagate Barracuda in terms of performance. The Red drive is designed for NAS and home server type environments with special attention paid to heat dicipation in low air flow areas like NAS setups hidden in cupboards. Green drives are their environmentally friendly drive. It's been stated by WD that based on the June 2012 sales figures, the Green drives have saved approximately 466Kwh of power or the equivalent to the standard size coal fired power stations annual output. Blue's are designed for budget conscious performance.

Here's a brief overview; http://www.wdc.com/en/products/internal/desktop/

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how to you mean that? it's just 2 cables. And normal hard drives don't even max Sata2 out. there is really no difference between sata2 and 3 for normal hdds

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i have a 770t-usb MB WITH 1055T CPU  DO I HAVE TOP UPDATE MY BIOS

Update bios for what.

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