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Maximus VII Formula/Extreme?

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Core i7 4790k | Gigabyte G1 980Ti 6GB | HyperX 16GB DDR3 | ASUS ROG Ranger VII | Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD | Corsair 760T Case | Seasonic X-series 750W 

2x Acer Predator 24" 144hz GSync Monitor | Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard | Logitech G502 Proteus Core | HyperX Cloud 2 Headset

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x99 is the way to go for me this year

Be prepared to spend a lot of cash at once. Your never gonna get it back

Please become a member of the Linus Tech Tips forum, keep writing smug remarks & let us love you. Peace out.

<| Project M13 & Silverstream. Other DIY projects |>

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