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Decent 23-24inch 1080p monitor

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Dell U2312HM Looking forward to this monitor for me.


- Great Color Reproduction

- Great wide viewing angle

- IPS Panel

- Reasonable price

- Great Warranty Policy


Anyway I wish for Dell U2412 but the price is killing me (For Thailand comsumer like me)

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Decent IPS monitor for $170, heard it was pretty good and it has decent reviews aswell. 

 I would recommend this as well IPS and in your budget range.


I have the ASUS 27" 1MS screen and while its nice for gaming it has much to be desired on the color spectrum verse IPS. IPS I have gamed on have not seen issue even on FPS games in 5-7MS range.

We can build it, we have the technology!

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For gaming, the benq gaming series monitors are great options! A little too bright and washed out for my taste in terms of photo and video editing, although for gaming- it's great!!

For editing purposes, I'd recommend the ASUS pro-art series or, if you are on the cheap, the LG IPS monitors! I use an LG IPS myself for editing!

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I've got an Asus vg248qe and it is well priced and 144hz with 1ms response time which is good for 3D gaming!! one thing i dont like about it is the glossy plastic finish which collect dust and finger prints.

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Dell U2312HM is my personal choice for 23"-24" range. But it costs $50 more than your budget.  :(

Binoj D

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I recently got the LG 21:9 ratio monitor. It's 2560x1080, works great. It's revision 1.25, which drastically lowers the lag input.


Takes some time getting used to. Not all games support it, so you'd have to go windowed or change the resolution every time you play an old game (like Fallout 3).


I have a little light bleed on the bottom left, so I might send mine back to Newegg.


Edit: missed the Sub-$200 part. My bad.

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Asus MX239H IPS monitor, the smaller version of the MX279H that Linus unboxed and reviewed recently


has built in speakers that are pretty damn good for a monitor, beautiful IPS display, its a premium product but cost a little bit more [$230] but its well worth the price

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Hmm Personally im going for the Asus VE247H Black 23.6" monitor


(here is a link to newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236112)


This monitor is cheap, comes with all the stuff you could possibly need (as far as cables go) and has an amazing video quality. The 2ms response time makes it awesome for gaming and the size just seems to fit me, i am currently runing triple monitors (all the Asus VE247H) and they are so worth the money!

Definitely going to have to second this recommendation. We have one setup running our AppleTV Display at my store and for the money you really can't go wrong with all the connections/cables this has. Plus, as DexPedition said, the response times are amazing for everything from games to watching NHL Center Ice in HD on game nights.

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ASUS VN247H-P juat came out in January. It has a narrow bezel and its not like all the other places that say their bezel is 1mm. It 1cm and it REAL is. 80mil:1 contrast ratio and blah blah blah. about $190

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My two side monitors are 23", straight from ASUS. Not as nice and flashy as my VK278Q with the Webcam and stuff (wish it was 3D) but they're still really nice! hey are the (if I remember right) ASUS VS238H. Really good for sides. Just saying :P

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LG IPS231P. I've got 2 and I'm going to buy a third.

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Hi-Fi Onkyo HT-S3305

OS Windows 8.1 Pro

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I have an Acer H236HL bid 23-Inch IPS monitor. For 160$ I don't think this is a bad choice.


The Asus MX239H is also a good one. My friend has it. It's a little expensive though at 229$

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This one here! Cheap, thin bezel, IPS, and Linus-endorsed. Plus I've seen one in action, looks great.

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Lg ips235p. Such a beautiful monitor. Ips, 23 inches, factory calibrated and the stand is height adjustable aswell as portait. Modle-able. 1080p and  has a 1ms gtg response time. Best monitor i have ever used

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Samsung dvd drive

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LG IPS235p

Razer Blackwidow

Razer Deathadder

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I love my Dell S2340L. It has a beautiful IPS panel and an edge to edge aesthetic. (I know, it's a Dell)

You were a noob once too!

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Dell makes a good 23" IPS monitor with a really nice bezel. I'm probably going to pick 2 up in September if nothing cooler comes out. It's a little more than 200 in Australia not sure about everywhere else, probably less ;)

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