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Decent 23-24inch 1080p monitor

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i bought three of these and they are awesome


colour calibrated, good refresh rate, good ratio, very thin bezel



only 2 inputs on the back HDMI  and VGA


i paid £144 each

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I'm using samsung 2443+ basically because its 16:10

Its all about those volumetric clouds



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 ASUS PB238Q. Height adjust tilt pivot the whole nine yards plus matte finish and 2 year ARR service can't be beat. You get the best monitor at the price point you can afford.  

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I love my LG e2342v's
and in australia they only costed 169 each.

That being said i'm tempted to replace them for the new LG IPS display that're only 200

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My Dell Ultrasharp 23 inch has served me well. got it for 150 bucks open box :P 

It has some of the best colors that I have ever seen.

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ips235p is prob the best value. Around $200. Has a matte ips panel, height adjustment/tilt/pivot stand, faily thin matte bezels, 1ms response time, factory calibrated, dvi hdmi and vga inputs aswell as vesa mounts.the ips231 is an older model. 

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Samsung dvd drive

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LG IPS235p

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Looking for a decent 23-24inch monitor to go with my 21.5 inch monitor I currently have. Anybody have any suggestions under $200? 


What are you looking for when you say "decent monitor".


Gaming or picture quality? I don't think you can have your cake and eat it too. Others may disagree. 


I have a gorgeous 27" WQHD IPS the full works Asus monitor that I love. I can't play fast paced fps games on it for shit though. After a month or two of being really shit at CoD, I had to get a crappy second hand 22" TN monitor that is 1080p but only outputs a VGA signal. This yoke is miles better for playing games. I even overclocked it to 74Hz to give an extra boost just because I don't care if it doesn't last in the long run.  


Just be aware of that when you are making your choice. 

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Not sure how much this is over on your side but you won't regret getting BenQ 2420T. Great gaming monitor and the 120hz make it super smooth.http://www.ebuyer.com/284675-benq-xl2420t-24-lcd-monitor-led-backlight-16-9-widescreen-1920x1080-vga-dvi-9h-l7plb-qbe

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PC 2 Specs (Old) :

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Peripherals :

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I've got three Asus VE247H 24" monitors. They're pretty damn good for gaming.


looks familiar ;)

"The box said 'Requires Windows XP or better'. So I installed LINUX..."

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Hi, I'm new here ;) First reply!


I'm also very interested because I Need a Monitor and I don't know so much about Displays, only something from Linus xD


I found a BenQ GW2460HM 



Does somebody have experiences with this Monitor or is it crap!


Some pros:

-VA Panel with LED Backlight

   -high contrast 


    Native Contrast ( typ. ) 5000:1

    DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) (typ.) 20M:1


   -Viewing Angels

   -maybe Power consumption



Maybe cons:

-Response time (for gamers)

-no height adjust

-no swivel

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