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Did Titanfall live up to YOUR hype?

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I love it. Very easily for me the best AAA FPS since Quake III Arena.


My favourite thing about Titanfall is that it requires all kinds of FPS player skills to do well: positioning, reflexes, strategy, thinking ahead, 3D space usage, detail vision and aim. - It's not just heavily skewed to where only one or a few skills matter like in CoD (aim, reflex) or in BF4 (thinking ahead, strategy) - That makes it a more complete and dynamic FPS.


Sounds like you have a limited understanding of map dynamics in this game. Once you know each map a bit better you'll know exactly where the action zones are going to be and thus where to find players.


The game is very fast and clutch so it won't appeal to slower more methodical players, though I'm a chameleon in that regard and can enjoy games of all types, though I don't tend to like games that are wishy-washy in between slow and fast (CoD) and usually prefer fast (Natural Selection 2, Titanfall, Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament) over slow (Arma, Battlefield)


Quick thinkers will love the shit out of this game.


I also feel Titans are the game's biggest weakness. Titan gameplay is like a tenth as fun as pilot gameplay. So I just stick my Titan on follow mode and run around on foot with my Kraber bolt action sniper rifle.


People who really dislike it seem to want the game to be either more luck based (more players, more chaos, more randomness) or more simulator-like (boooooooooooooooooooooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiinggg)

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Nope. Tribes Ascend did. Console controllers are why we can't have more games like Tribes Ascend. :(


Ever since I skied on the first Tribes with a jetpack everything since has been slow and boring. FPS games could be really badass if they weren't limited to having to play good on a controller. Seems like we are in regression to me. Bots to kill, leveling etc.  I see Titanfall being compared to Quake/Unreal Tourney? I don't see that. Go compare quake tourney footage to Titanfall gameplay and I don't see any similarities. Titanfall can come to a standstill and involve killing mindless AI. Quake was much faster. 


It is faster then BF4/Arma but I wouldn't exactly call Titanfall Quake or say it was way more skill based. If you want a skill based big game you play Tribes. If you want a super fast game we still have to go back to old games or indies, because the console crowd would take their Xbox and go home and not play.


Titanfall seems in the middle. Not a really great team game and not a really great skill game. I wouldn't call it great. The beta convinced me not to buy it. I am looking forward to what indies can do with all these game engines that are now much more accessible then I am the big publishers. The big publishers are just going to keep making the same darn game with minor changes, or changes to make it easier for new players to play the game and allow veterans an edge through items, levels (which is stupid). These are FPS games not RPG's.

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I'm sort of disappointed with the game as a whole. Paying $60 for the game felt like robbery, and although it's fun, it's just not as fun as I anticipated. Heck, I think I had more fun with the latest Plants vs Zombies release. Titanfall is a fun game, but the hype was too real, and I don't feel like the game is as fun as I thought it would be. That's my two cents.

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I'm sort of disappointed with the game as a whole. Paying $60 for the game felt like robbery, and although it's fun, it's just not as fun as I anticipated. Heck, I think I had more fun with the latest Plants vs Zombies release. Titanfall is a fun game, but the hype was too real, and I don't feel like the game is as fun as I thought it would be. That's my two cents.

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I love it, already have the high amount of hours put in to say It's payed for itself already.


Boring, well your not doing enough, or not sticking it out enough. The game makes you feel like your winning even when your losing.

I love how fast it is, the jumping/wallriding mechanics really help you get around the map so quickly.

Not a lot of weapons,... well thats what the unlock progression is for, keep at it to unlock the WAY better alternatives.



Never had connection issues and that's even WITH the Aussie server still being in "Beta" or "-1" status on the server list.


As for those kids, never hear them, I play on TS or a voice client exclusively with online mates and its the tits!

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Played the beta and didn't really find playing as a titan to be much fun, rather the pilot maneuvering with the stealth pistol more fun. However even that experience was ruined by the minions/bots in the game and having to take on the 2/3 titans the other team had at any given point.


I didn't buy the game.


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I really loved this game. Honestly when I first saw it I didn't pay much attention to it cause I was like "eh". When I played the beta I was amazed and I was happy with the game. Even if I do play time to time I still feel like I got my 60 dollars worth.

My pros are

  • Maps FEEL huge due to how many little nooks and crannies there are especially with the verticality of the game.
  • The guns feel balanced. I don't if it's just me or not but all the guns seem balanced. I don't see people running around with one weapon all the time. I myself switch weapons constantly just to keep me on my toes.
  • The Titans don't feel over powered most of the time. Sure you're a giant with a giant gun walking around but then you can get easily killed by a pilot. I've died multiple times as a titan because of a pilot. You also have your own titan. That you can drop on other titans which feels very satisfying.
  • The parkour feels BUTTERY SMOOTH. It's almost feels like Mirror's Edge parkour but smooth. Jumping on walls and then landing but jumping ahead to keep my momentum to get on another wall just feels like I'm gliding on butter.
  • The game feels like multiple games at once. The Titans feel like a small map in Call of Duty. The pilots however are another story. It feels like a mix of Mirrors Edge, Call of Duty, and just a dash of TF2.

My cons are

  • Always online. Let's be honest no one really likes this. I at least wanted to play by myself with bots but apparently that's not coming.
  • Mod support would be nice. It'd be awesome if I could make my Titan a huge Linus or maybe a Ronald Mc Donald. Just saying...
  • Dedicated servers. Imagine player made servers that will increase the size to 80 people.

Overall I enjoyed this game. It just feels so smooth and awesome to play it.

Giving people air since never.

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I believe that people should pay for games espceiaally due to how cheap games are at this time, with all of the steam sales and other sales.


As an anecdote: I do not buy game I don't like becasue I don't want to support games when I think the decvelopers hvve done a bad job.

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There isn't really enough to do in the game to warrant the price tag. But I have been playing Planetside 2 for a while now and realise that most online fps games don't have much depth to them. PS2 is another story though, the game is so different everytime I log into Miller.



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A game shouldn't be rated by the amount of content it has, OP. It should be judged for the quality of it. But if a game has barely any content and it sucks, then it's doubly shit. See every Suda 51 game released in the last few years. Also, why do you regard what Adam Sessler says? Are you going to start taking Alex Jones seriously, too?


I haven't played the game yet, but I never saw the hype because I don't read gaming websites, like, at all. You know how people get on the media for overexaggerating issues beyond belief? Video game journalism is no different to me.

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