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It is pretty much as good as a game in Alpha can get. There are still a lot of room for improvement but it isn't awful.

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It's alright. Controls feel a bit iffy to me, but I would say its worth playing. I would maybe wait until it goes on sale though, I'm not sure if its worth $20.

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I sit in the middle of both crowds, those who like it and those who dislike it. If you can get a nice group of, say 5 guys, you'll have an awesome time with some funny moments, but I find that there just isn't enough content to play for a long time and (at least in my case) it gets boring after you die the 100th time from someone killing you and you can't find your base (which is probably blown up by then too). I'm not hating on Rust but giving an honest review of what I have played so far. I find the game unbalanced and a bit confused about what it is. On one side everyone is running around in cloth clothes with stone hatchets (generally having no idea what they are doing) and on the other a group of guys with C4, Shotguns, Kevlar Suits etc (Normally killing everyone and looting bases one by one). it just doesn't feel right mixing 'stone age' with guns.


- Samo

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I play pretty much every day. My bro and I rent a server and have a good time with the regulars. We run mods and have a decent following for the Arena we built for team death matches. There are a lot of people playing, but many are spread out over a ton of servers. It can get repetitive, however there are a lot of modded servers out there and there is always something cool to check out. 

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