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How did you guys save up for your PC?

LOL, I tried that once, my parent's gave me $30 in $1's to make it seem like more than it was. :lol:




"What do you want for Christmas?"


"What do you want for your birthday?"


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Dont buy the newest platform for CPU and GPU.

Odds are you can get a last gen CPU and motherboard with a last gen top of the line card for much less without losing much performance! :D

4690K // 212 EVO // Z97-PRO // Kingston 8GB // GTX 770 // MX100 128GB // Toshiba 1TB // Air 540 // HX650

Razer Blade 14 // iPhone 8 (64GB) // Canon 5D Mark II

Logitech G502 RGB // Corsair K65 RGB (MX Red)

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Hi, I'm just wondering what your best ways to save money are.


I always used to buy expensive Trend Micro AV, and console games for full price before discovering steam sales on PC.








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What about it


Its all about you  :lol:

Sys 1

  • CPU: R7 1700 || MOBO: Asrock X370 Taichi || RAM: G.Skil TridentZ RGB 16GB || GPU: Msi GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G Golden Edition r9 280x r9 390x  || CASE: NZXT Phantom 410 || WD Blue M.2 + Samsung 850 Evo + Adata SP900 + Seagate HDD || PSU: SuperFlower Leadex 2 650W || Cooling: AMD Spire 

Sys 2

  • CPU: i5 4670K || MOBO: Msi Z87-G43  || RAM: Avexir Core 16GB|| GPU: PowerColor TuboDuo r7 265  || CASE: Deepcool Tesseract W || Crucial M500 240gb SSD + 1TB HDD|| PSU: SuperFlower Golden Green HX 600W || Cooling: Intel Generic

(Don't get a PSU in tier 6)


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Its all about you  :lol:

Yea, me and my truck <3


RAM: 2x 4GB Samsung DDR3-1600 1.25V PSU: Corsair CX430 CASE: Enermax Ostrog Windowed STORAGE: PNY CS1111 120GB / Hitachi 1TB 7200RPM OS: Windows 10 Pro & macOS Sierra 10.12.3


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do what @thekeemo says in his user title


Where I hang out: The Garage - Car Enthusiast Club

My cars: 2006 Mazda RX-8 (MT) | 2014 Mazda 6 (AT) | 2009 Honda Jazz (AT)

PC Specs


CPU: i5-4690 | Motherboard: MSI B85-G43 | Memory: Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB | Power Supply: Corsair CX500 | Video Card: MSI GTX 970

Storage: Kingston V300 120GB & WD Blue 1TB | Network Card: ASUS PCE-AC56 | Peripherals: Microsoft Wired 600 & Logitech G29 + Shifter



CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G | Motherboard: MSI - B450 Tomahawk | Memory: Mushkin - 8GB (1 x 8GB) | Storage: Mushkin 250GB & Western Digital - Caviar Blue 1TB
Video Card: GIGABYTE - RX 580 8GB | Case: Corsair - 100R ATX Mid Tower | Power Supply: Avolv 550W 80+ Gold


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Hi, I'm just wondering what your best ways to save money are.


I always used to buy expensive Trend Micro AV, and console games for full price before discovering steam sales on PC.

Follow this simple flow chart for steam sales an that should help a bit. (image to large to post so link is given) http://i.imgur.com/7cZZMDu.jpg


CPU: Intel Core i7-7700k | COOLER: Corsair H100i V2 | MOBO: Asus Prime Z270-E | GPU: Asus GTX 1070 Gaming | RAM: Corsair LPX 1x16GB 3Ghz, Corsair RGB 2x8GB 3Ghz | SSD: 890 Evo (500GB), 850 Pro (256GB), Adata SP900 (120GB) | HDD: WD Green (3TB), WD White (8TB) | PSU: EVGA Supernova G2 750W | Case: Fractal Define S Window Display #1: Asus VE247H, #2: Samsung UE590, #3: LG 50" UK6090PUA | Keyboard: Logitech Gpro  | Mouse: Corsair Harpoon | Sound: CAD Audio MH210, Logitech z313, Tv Speakers


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My build cost about 900 dollars. Got the money across multiple birthdays and christmases.

AMD Ryzen 7 3.8ghz at 1.3V Corsair vengeance LPX 8GB 2800mhz @ 3200mhz CAS 16 + 2*4GB micron ballistics @ 3200mhz cas 16 ;Gigabyte ga-ab350-Gaming 3; cooler master nepton 240M ; CF r9 290x tri x + r9 290 tri x ; CX750M PSU ; SPEC 03 case with 9 120mm fans ; windows 10 64 bit 

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Sit my child let me tell you a story about a poor student with the dream for new pc.It all began in my home i was playing Guild Wars 2 and was thinking "why is this crap runing at 25 fps" then i started serching forums and found out it was really CPU heavy game.So last year i had to move to other city because i became a university student (a poor one) still playing GW2 and decided i will save for a pc after going week after week with only 10 bucks per week i saved 1100 levs thats my country currency when i had 50 levs a week for food.One year later i found myself down to 65 kilos from 85 and 1100 levs richer so i was able to buy i5 6600k ASUS z170-p and 8 gibs of ram thats my story young one.I wish you luck and hope you have learned the way of the poor.

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I saved my lunch money. £3 a day, 5 days a week.


It took a while...

$5 a day 3 days a week for me. Still working on it.

Tip to those that are new on LTT forum- quote a post so that the person you are quoting gets a notification, otherwise they'll have no idea that you did. You can also use a tag such as @Ryoutarou97 (replace my username with anyone's. You should get a dropdown after you type the "@")to send a notification, but quoting is preferable.


Feel free to PM me about absolutely anything be it tech, math, literature, etc. I'll try my best to help. I'm currently looking for a cheap used build for around $25 to set up as a home server if anyone is selling.


If you are a native speaker please use proper English if you can. Punctuation, capitalization, and spelling are as important to making your message readable as proper night theme formatting is.


My build is fully operational, but won't be posted until after I get a GPU in it and the case arted up.

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