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How to watch Twitch.tv streams in VLC

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I've used livestreamer for a bit now and I like it. I found a guide on making a little .bat file so you don't have to type it in every time. Just save a text file as .bat with these contents:


cd c:\program files (x86)\livestreamer

livestreamer twitch.tv/<stream> <quality> (usually source)

@Echo off


Just replace the <stream> with the channel name that you want.


Edit: I don't remember how to escape characters and I'm to lazy to go look it up, those echos are lowercase.

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Save as .bat


@Echo off
echo 1. Enter channel:
set /p channel=%channel%
echo ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------
echo 2. Enter quality (mobile_low, 280p, 360p, 480p, mobile_high, 720p, source)
echo or (worst, low, medium, high, best, for automatic selection)
echo (try best first, if stream lags, try high or mobile_high):
set /p quality=%quality%
start livestreamer.exe twitch.tv/%channel% %quality% --ringbuffer-size 65536 --rtmpdump "%~dp0\rtmpdump\rtmpdump.exe" --player "c:\program files (x86)\videolan\vlc\vlc.exe"

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