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PopcornTime Closes

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Posted · Original PosterOP



http://getpopcornti.me/es/ - http://translate.google.com.uy/translate?hl=es-419&sl=es&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fgetpopcornti.me%2Fes%2F


I don't know if you knew of this page, but it was a web where you could stream any new release movie, and it feed of torrents to do that, totally free and without ads, obviously wasn't the most legal way to do it


It was a github project started in Argentina for a while, where lot of people where involved. Made in HTML, CSS y JavaScript  and feeding from https://yts.re/


Today they announce they are closing the web.



I know linus and luke where talking about something similar a couple of weeks ago in a wan show, about bittorrent and streaming



Personally, I never used it cuz I don't like streaming, I like to have the full file before watching anything




Source: http://www.gameover.com.uy/showthread.php?2386

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Everyone can git clone the shit out of it and re-host it.

Maybe I'm wrong, I've seen some github link for it but when i went to search it later the code that is in there it's not from the back-end.


Nevermind... there are some forks already.

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Signatures are stupid.

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I really hope someone makes a clone of it...


Not saying that I was using it myself, buuuuuut there are people using it, you know, bad pirates and shit...

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