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Secret World Legends, LF Cabal

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Just getting back into Secret World Legends, lvl 12 Trickster Templar...I play irregularly.  Looking for a fun Cabal (their version of alliance/guild), hopefully with a helpful, active community to enjoy.


I play via Steam, but I don't think that limits the servers (I may or may not be wrong on that).  In game ID is HereWeGoAgain.

EDIT: Turns out there's no separation between using Steam or the Funcom client.


I plan on playing sometimes midweek.  I sleep days and work nights, so I guess I'd be more active during European daylight hours or evenings US earliest.


Also potential hangups during the next month (LTT Folding Month): SWL does NOT like it when I try to fold on F@H with the GPU and still play...it crashes to desktop any time there's a cutscene.

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