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Windows 10 Laptop Screen Flickering and Going Dark

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have an ASUS GL502VS laptop with Windows 10, and it's been having some serious issues for the past week that I can't seem to pinpoint.


At first it started with occasional flickering that would intensify and return to normal during various times during the day, at which point, thinking that it was an issue with the display adapter drivers, I deleted my Nvidia driver from Device Manager. I botched this and because Nvidia wasn't able to recognize my GPU I decided to do a system restore to about a week before the flickering happened. I then updated my drivers and didn't encounter any flickering for about a day. I also didn't encounter any flickering during the period after I deleted the Nvidia drivers and before my system restore, although this may have been luck.


After that day when the flickering began again, I installed DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and performed a clean uninstallation of my display drivers while on Safe Mode in Windows. I reinstalled my Nvidia Drivers, but using a slightly older version from a few months back, just to see if the issue was related to the newest drivers. This, unfortunately, didn't fix anything and the flickering has gotten so bad that half the time I power on my laptop, there is no flickering: my screen is just completely dark despite the laptop very clearly being turned on.


I've tried exiting to different screens, like using ctrl+alt+delete or going into the Windows troubleshooting menu by holding shift when I restart, but even on those screens the screen is still dark.


The other thing is that I can tell my display is still functioning to an extent, because although the screen is completely dark, it's not completely off. Luckily my background photo is mostly white, and the white was bright enough for my display to barely show it on screen, even while my display is dark.


Currently the issue is so common when I boot up my laptop that I've decided I have no idea what to do and I need help, so I've connected my laptop to a projector at my university via HDMI cable. So the good news is that external monitors work fine.


If it helps: I'm using Windows 10 Home version 1909.


Any help would be extremely appreciated. I'm at the end of my rope.


Thank you!

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