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Help needed with UPGRADE

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello people.


I have the following situation i would like some advice to.

My PC is a I7-3770 with a GTX 1650 4GB OC and 16GB DDR3 RAM.

It is using a old MOBO from HP, its the HP 3396 found in the Elite 8300 CMT, the big case.

Now i was wondering, as i am using a 300 Watt PSU, is it possible to get myself a GTX 1660 Super and get myself a new 600PSU to use more of my CPU power?

My GPU is running at 99% on the most games and my CPU is chilling at 60-80%. I wanna max my power, and lets be fair the GTX1650 is just nonsense as a card.


And will my MOBO affect the PSU i am going to get? i know i should get an ATX PSU when using an ATX MOBO but can ANY MOBO handle all kinds of power supply? Like 300-400-800 wattage ?

And my final questions, can my MOBO handle the GTX1660 Super as long as it will fit in the slot and providing it with the correct PSU? And is there a way to detect if i have an ATX psu in Windows itself?


I will upgrade the MOBO aswell as some point, its kinda of a project but i dont have alot of money to burn at once. So i wanna first maximize what i can before i buy the new MOBO and case.


I7-3770 with the GTX 1660 Super : https://www.gpucheck.com/nl-eur/gpu/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1660-super/intel-core-i7-3770-3-40ghz/


Kind regards!






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Make sure your motherboard has either a 4 or 8 pin for the cpu. And a 24pin on the side. If it does, any power supply will work. 300w is deffo not enough for a 1660super. Tho you can try it. I still wouldnt recommend it. If you want to buy a 1660 now and a power supply later thats possible. Just put your power max in MSI afterburner to 80% for the duration of the 300w power supply.

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Also, you said a bigger power supply might increase the power your cpu can use. Thats not how it works. 

Power supplies don't force power into components.

The component just demands power, if the power supply can handle it everything is fine, if not you will crash. There is no way it is using lets say 50 watts now and 80 watts with a better power supply.

Since overloading power supply's is a bad thing tho, id deffo recommend either buying the 1660 with a power supply straight away. Or buy the power supply within a few months.


You DO NOT want an old 300w HP power supply ruining your stuff.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

@Allard Allright thank you! I will open up my case and make sure its ATX, someone told me it doesnt realy matter as most modern PSU are able to just switch out cables, is this true? I found a 650 and a 750 WATT Modular PSU for 80 and 115 Euros. Then il get myself the GTX1660 Super 6GB, 229 euros.


Is this a good upgrade from the GTX1650 to the GTX1660 Super 6GB? And is the 310,00 euros worth it?




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The 1660 Super is roughly 60% faster than the 1650, so it is a decent improvement for 230 Euros. You will definitely need a new PSU, as @Allard said, but there is no point in wasting any more money on this system. New MB is pointless, unless you are switching the whole platform to 8th+ gen Intel or Ryzen, at which point you will have to buy a new MB, CPU and RAM. So my advice is - until you have enough cash to upgrade to a new platform, upgrade only the GPU and PSU and later reuse them in a new system. 

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