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Map new HDD to D:\

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I'm getting a new HDD delivered tomorrow and would like to map it to my existing D:\ drive path. The current D drive is full and I am upgrading to a larger HDD. 


I have already created an image of the current D drive and have it saved externally. I would like to copy the image to the new drive and then re-assign the new drive to the D:\ directory. I'm doing this to preserve the existing files and programs which are saved on my D drive. 


What is the best way to go about doing this? I have an extra SATA port, so I don't believe that will be an issue. I just don't want to flip on the new drive and brick all of my existing files/programs/games. Am I better off redownloading everything? I have a metered connection with my ISP so I would rather not do this. 


I am using Windows 10 home.

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Best way that I figure is to put both of the drives into your computer, copy all the files you want to the new drive, change and swap the partition's drive letter (give your new drive to the D and your old to E, for example) with Disk Management, format the old drive if you want to use some extra space, and it's done.


Just don't open and run any program/files from both drives yet while you're converting the drive letter. And, it won't break any software so far I know.


Or, you can use the image you made to copy those files, but I do think it's really the same with normal copy-paste from drive to drive, anyway.


Or it would be a lot easier if you just use the new drive for 'resuming' the old drive's job, and let the files on the old stay.

Humor me, as you should do.


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