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MCE enabled or disabled on 10900K ?

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Hi guys,


MCE enabled or disabled on 10900K ? Board is Asus z490-A Strix Gaming


I saw videos on this and they say MCE is sending too much voltage.


Also I noticed that enabling that only boost my cores to 5.3 ghz when I have like only 1 application running. As soon as I launch Steam Battle net discord ... ETC all my programs minimized to icon, the 5.3 boost goes away. CPU can only or mostly only boost to 4.9 ghz as if all cores are working (since applications are opened ?)


My understanding is this MCE turned ON will have zero impact when playing games ? (since when playing games CPU is always at 4.9 ghz steady , I believe because all cores are used so it can't single core boost to 5.3 ? )


Example : If I launch single core benchmark of Cinebench R20, CPU will stay steady at 4.9 ghz if I have steam, battle net, discord, other applications opened.


But if I close them all and only run the single core benchmark with no other applications opened, I can see the 5.3 ghz.


Is it correct to say that this MCE is useless for games since my CPU is always steady at 4.9 during any gameplay ? I don't get it why is the 5.3 ghz only working when there is barely no work done on the computer, only 1 application running...

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