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Mr Ben

Good fan for enclosed cabinet?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I will be keeping my "media" pc/nas in a closed cabinet about 20x20x16 inches.  It's just a Linux running on an ancient phenom 2, so it doesn't need much, just to keep the air from getting stagnant.  I threw an old 80mm fan on the back I had lying around but it's very loud and want something quieter.  I'd like to keep it 80mm so I don't have to cut a new hole.  Recommendations for a nice quiet fan that will move enough air?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
44 minutes ago, narrdarr said:

Nf-a8 Flx

Ok thanks.  That's kind of what I was gravitating towards just looking at newegg/amazon.  What's the difference in the A8 vs the R8?  Mostly lower noise?

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Posted · Original PosterOP
18 minutes ago, narrdarr said:

Better static pressure, air flow and lower noise. 

Got it, thank you much.

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