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3080 Version

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I was thinking about upgrading my graphics card to a 3080 and was wondering what version to get, like one from ASUS or MSI, or just the Founders Edition. I'm not upgrading right now but in the near future probably after the Radeon Graphics card announcement. 

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Well, whichever 3080 you can get your hands on is the version you should get. Now, if you actually had a choice, I heard the ASUS TUF is actually pretty good if you can get if for the same price as the Founders Editions.


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There's two things you want to consider. Boost clock, and cooling solution. For boost clock, higher = better, and you can read reviews for specific cards from trustworthy publications to determine if they have a good cooler. At this point, however, you're probably best just going with whatever you can get your hands on. 

Always remember the 80/80 rule of project management. That is, the first 80% of the project takes 80% of the time, and the last 20% of the project takes the other 80% of the time.

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4 hours ago, bellabichon said:

For boost clock, higher = better

Not so much with the 3080... Stock boost tables on everything except the Founders and TUF put you into unstable frequencies that cause crashes.

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to be honest, the FE seems like a good deal but hard to come buy, i´ve ordered a Strix at launch but still waiting, should be here next week.


personally i really like Asus overengineered power solution, on all their strix cards, and now it seems TUF is well buildt two with the indication from use of 6 mlcc´s instead of poscaps, yes it might not have any effect on stability, although all youtubers have cried "wolf" based on this.


personally i would order a TUF today, since it has showed it self to cool well, and to have a better than FE version of board design.

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