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Disavantage of upgrading older MoBos

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi all, 


I own a B350 motherboard running 1st gen Ryzen 1700. I really don't do anything other than light gaming on it so it was a kinda of a pointless purchase over a Ryzen 5 of the time, but I digress. I am thinking of upgrading to a 3rd gen Ryzen CPU, looking at the 3600x as I am also planning on getting 3070 (or 3060 or Big Navi equivalent), I would presume for the 3070 my 3 GHz 1700 is going suffer from bottlenecks (if is unlikely let me know). 


To the question, am I going to miss out on anything that would be significant if I use a 1st gen MoBo for 3rd gen CPU beyond no PCI-E Gen 4? Given that I would occasionally play AAA games but mainly older games or maybe driving sims and I won't be video editing. I ideally don't want to spend on upgrading the mobo. Also, it is quite speculative, but is the 3600x even going to be fast enough for a 3070 (considering is 2080Ti esque in perfomance)? I don't want to spend a boatload of money on upgrading as human malware means job security is not the best anywhere in the world, so if 3600x is not a great combo with 3070, i will rather drop down to a lower tier GPU and save some cash for something else. Or upgrade the CPU if I miraculously get a payrise. 



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Posted · Original PosterOP

R9 380


Yep is old. it was carry over from my previous build so the era of GPU and CPU is a little mismatch. My monitor is 1080P anyway, so I didn't need a better one. Also I neglected to say I would be upgrading my monitor to ultrawide QHD as well so hence why I need GPU upgrade. 

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