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F@H questions.

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So I haven't folded before. I've been thinking about it for a while though. I just have a couple questions about it. Mostly hardware. I have my daily driver(i9 and 2070) and a pc that is mostly together. 7700k and 1070. I'm not all that worried about power consumption. Would I be better off putting the 7700k and 1070 together and just running that all the time or using my main rig over night? Any big hurdles? Where I live internet and power can be spotty sometimes. How bad does that mess with it? Any general tips would be much appreciated. I'd like to get going in time for the next month's event. 

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I used to fold on my 1070ti and it does not do as well as a 20 series card but it still gets a decent amount of points. F@H is more GPU based then CPU (the more GPU the better) and though the 7700k will get you a little more points it may not be worth it. You can also set the client to only fold when computer is idle so if you want you can do that with your main gaming rig. I would experiment though by downloading the client and seeing what your estimated points per day is.


Don't quote me on this but I believe that you can fold without internet and the only time you need internet is to upload the finished Work Unit or download a new Work Unit. 


With power problems it is hard to help with that. The only recommendation I would have would be to get a UPS from APC or to have the computer automatically turn on after power is resorted. F@H automatically launches when windows starts up and you can set it to automatically start folding on start up as well.

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On 9/28/2020 at 6:54 PM, Voluspa said:

Where I live internet and power can be spotty sometimes.

You only need internet to download and upload the Work units. Projects can take anywhere from 1-8 hours to complete depending on the Project, card and speed. So you need very little internet speed/connection to get it functioning. 


I'm not sure which would yield you more points overall though, why not both? I have a dedicated folding rig AND a main PC i'll let fold when I'm not using it during folding events. 

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