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MSI and Asus 30 series cards see PCB revisions in wake of stability concerns

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Videocardz has reported that despite vendors claiming issues with with 30-series are primarily driver related, updated marketing graphics point to revised PCBs, suggesting it may be more than just software problems.




 The manufacturer has changed the design and the photos on the manufacturer’s website have been replaced. This is a pure photoshop, the manufacturer has only changed the area where the capacitors are placed.


My thoughts

 I don't mind hardware revisions but I really don't like it when hardware vendors are making hardware changes without updating model numbers or making announcements. Nvidia and their board partners have a history of making multiple SKUs or revisions under similar or identical product names which confuse the consumer and can lead to accidentally incorrect purchases.


I suspect this particular revision isn't a big deal and likely just reflects changes for manufacturing efficiency purposes, but revision notices still feel pertinent especially in the context of the crashing issues being reported.





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This topic primarily exists in the thread pertaining to the RTX 3080 Stability issues plaguing nearly all the AIB's, which can be found here. 

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