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GTX 1070, RTX 2060 Super

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No, I don't think that upgrade is worth it, it's not even really much of an upgrade, I would wait for the AMD 6000 Series or 3060 (if that's gonna come out)

AMD Ryzen 3 3200G / Sapphire R9 290X / 16gb (2x8) Kingston ValueRam @ 2666Mhz / Gigabyte A320M-S2H / Kingston A400 120GB M.2 SSD / WD Blue 2.5" 1TB HDD / Cooler Master MWE450 / Aerocool CS-100 / LG 22MK400H-B 1920x1080 @ 75Hz






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24 minutes ago, Sandi1987 said:

Is it worth my brother replace his GTX 1070 for my RTX 2060 Super for 1440p gaming? I will buy RTX 3070.

It may be when DLSS 2.0 becomes more widespread

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So no, that's an extremely minor upgrade at best, 2060 Super is close to a 1080 and you have a 1070 so, not worth your time (or your brother's).


You're better off selling the 2060 S if it's an extra one that you have post your upgrade, then later when the... 3060 comes out, that is reported to have 1080ti performance levels so that'll be a solid 40% up on a 1070, not to mention DLSS, minor ray tracing probably.

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